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News // 24 News by Beverley Luckings

featured by RANKIN : PHOTO LONDON is presenting a solo show with iconic photos by RANKIN from 9-12 September, presented by the 29 ARTS IN PROGRESS GALLERY

In celebration of the 52nd edition of Photo London 2021, 29 ARTS IN PROGRESS GALLERY is presenting a solo show by RANKIN. The exhibition will showcase a selection of his favorite images – including those of his best known subjects and his more conceptual work. On display are images of supermodels taken in the 1990s for Dazed & Confused as well as fashion and beauty images from his magazine HUNGER. The exhibition also deals with the concepts of beauty and mortality.

“One of the world’s most influential fashion photographers, Rankin has often defined his place within the industry as one of being on the outside looking in… Inspired by the often intertwined themes of death and sensuality in his work, the show explores Rankin’s editorial pieces to produce a multilayered discussion on light and darkness, hard and soft: These pieces take an intimate look at the dark side of desire from throughout Rankin’s career. Here, the act of seduction is so fierce a force of attraction as to take the viewer hostage.

Dodging that process of fetishization common to every exhibitionist phenomenon, the British artist uses his images to present a mirror which reflects the imagination while also providing a locus of capture between the viewer: The viewer and the subject who is being viewed. Here, the seduction lies in a delayed gratification, the act of biding one’s time before crossing the threshold and facing a constructed world, a bombastic, energy-rich, instinctive world cloaked in violent color. These shots by Rankin bear an undeniable energetic charge. The images return our gaze, take on a power of their own, and become autonomous.”

A catalogue has been published to accompany the show, which is dedicated to RANKIN. Here is an excerpt from the introduction: “To celebrate the 52nd Edition of the Photo London magazine, we are delighted to welcome back British photographer, publisher and film director Rankin, whose work will be presented at Photo London 2021 by 29 ARTS IN PROGRESS Gallery. “People inspire me the most. I love meeting new people, hearing stories, getting excited by their work. The art of fashion is incredible, and it took me a long time to understand it.”– Rankin.
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featured by RANKIN : ROYAL LONDON appoints two new brand ambassadors – SHAUNAGH BROWN and CLAIRE MOLLOY stood in front of RANKIN’s camera for the LIONS RUGBY FEASIBILITY REPORT

Royal London is welcoming rugby players Claire Molloy and Shaunagh Brown as Royal London Ambassadors alongside the brand sponsorship of the British and Irish Lions. Working with Claire and Shaunagh, Royal London aims to shine a light on women’s rugby, raising its profile in the wider sporting community and working to break down barriers currently holding women and young girls back from participating in rugby.

To celebrate their new roles as ambassadors, Claire and Shaunagh took part in a photo shoot with photographer and filmmaker Rankin on 4 August at his studio in London. Claire and Shaunagh will partner with Royal London in a number of ways to promote women’s rugby. Further details on the feasibility study exploring the establishment of a women’s Lions team are expected in the coming weeks.

Susie Logan, Group Chief Marketing Officer of Royal London, said : “We’re delighted to be joining forces with Claire and Shaunagh to make a positive impact on the continued success of women’s rugby. Claire and Shaunagh’s dedication and devotion to their sport are inspirational to women already enjoying the game and young girls looking to start their rugby journey.”

Claire Molloy said : “This is a major step towards making a viable Women’s Lions Tour and represents the women’s games never-ending march to gender equality in rugby.“

Royal London is a mutually owned company and is thus accountable to its customers first and foremost with regard to its investments. It’s investment in the Lions feasibility report reflects the enormous value the company places on gender equality as well as on its customers.

“As a Royal London ambassador, I hope to showcase how women’s rugby can be a commercially viable sport, bursting with fantastic role models for companies like Royal London to invest in and to grow the game for everyone.” Shaunagh Brown comments : “I was attracted to working with Royal London because of their ambitions for women and the future of women’s sport in order to level the playing field. It shows Royal London are ahead of the curve and a force for change and progression within an entire female generation. This is a reminder to the broader public that women are here for the long haul, and we are here to be taken seriously. Working with Royal London will help to amplify my voice as a force for good. As an ambassador, I hope to promote the growing acceptance of women not only rugby, but of women in all sports. To be able to reach Royal London’s large following and encourage people who are not usually interested in rugby or sport to take note. Sport can truly be life changing on all levels. “I am incredibly proud to be a part of the beginning of what could be an incredibly powerful relationship between Royal London, women and sport.”

Photographer and filmmaker Rankin says : “This summer, we’ve seen how incredible sport can be in transforming the lives of players, coaches and even spectators. We were all inspired; which is why it has been such a pleasure to photograph and profile these successful rugby players. Highlighting their talent helps to inspire change within the sport, and I’m super proud to have been a small part of that.”
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BBC’s GREAT BRITISH PHOTOGRAPHY CHALLENGE with RANKIN on the jury names two winners for the first time : Jackson Moyles (Landscape) & Tyrone Williams (Street Art) with artwork on GoSee NEWS

In an unexpected twist in the final episode of BBC’s Great British Photography Challenge, not one, but two winners have been named. Jackson Moyles, 21, from Dunfermline, and Tyrone Williams, 28, from Northampton, were crowned joint winners and are the first photographers to claim the title in this new series. Over the past four weeks, photographer and director RANKIN, who is internationally acclaimed for his famous iconic portraits, had to make this decision together with Ellen Stone, founder of Public Offerings Ltd.

RANKIN on the Jury’s decision : “Picking a winner for the show was really hard. It prompted some heated debate between me and the other judges. Tyrone and Jackson are completely different photographers, with two very different styles and career paths. Tyrone is an art photographer, with a really clear voice. His work grabbed my attention from the very beginning. Jackson’s work, on the other hand, grew as he found himself over the competition. So in that way, they were both stand-out photographers who showed their talent during the competition. There was no way we could split them – they were both clear winners in their own right. Now we’re excited to invite everyone to have a look at their talent first-hand as they reveal brand new works in their winner’s exhibitions.”

Tyrone on his win : “I feel honored to have had the opportunity to work with and meet such passionate photographers and creatives. Winning the series has been such a great feeling and an amazing validation for my photography portfolio, but I feel all of us have achieved so much in the series. To all execute the challenges as we did and to all exhibit our work in the final, helping each other with every step, you can call us all winners.”

“Jackson is the photographer who reminded me most of myself at that age. He loves landscapes, I love portraiture, but we share the same passion for taking photographs, that same drive to make the next picture great – and, sometimes, the same cocky attitude! He worked hard for the show, pushed himself, really one to watch going forward,” says Rankin.

The Great British Photography Challenge was produced by Storyboard Studios for BBC – and you can see both exhibitions online : JACKSON MOYLES: REFLECTION & TYRONE WILLIAMS: DECONSTRUCTIONS
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