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OCCHIO ‘Culture of Light’ – atmospheric motifs by DOP & photographer Kolja ECKERT c/o BOSCHTOBANRAP for Martin et Karczinski

Kolja Eckert c/o BOSCHTOBANRAP photographed for OCCHIO, a German premium manufacturer in the area of luminaires and lighting systems which stands for modern modular lighting technology. The light from OCCHIO is an invitation to enjoy and to feel, to create something extraordinary and share beautiful moments – precisely the atmosphere expressed by Kolja in his harmonious photos.

Also part of the team were DOP Joel Hördegard, RECOM Postproduction, stylist Oscar Lange, makeup artist Jeanette Törnqvist, set designers Anke Wiedemann & Berit Hoerschelmann, interior photographers Bohman+Sjostrand, and drone operator Mathias Näslund. The agency was Martin et Karczinski.

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DEUTSCHE TELEKOM with a strong portrait by Mareen FISCHINGER c/o BOSCHTOBANRAP

Photographer Mareen Fischinger c/o BOSCHTOBANRAP realized portraits for TELEKOM. Post production was in the hands of pretty on point, with hair & makeup by Tina Follmann & Ralf Schattmann. The location scout was Thomas Ollendorf.
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