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Category  Fashion · Sports · Transportation
Location  Hamburg
about // VITA oskar albayrak captures the fleeting moments that make the perfect picture. his colorful and stylish work cherishes these silent moments, while he observes his subjects in great detail. through...


Category  Lifestyle · Kids · People
Location  Hamburg
about // VITA julia baier's photographic work is characterised by her eye for reality and her intuitive feeling for situations and people. the analytic depth of her photographic portraits reflects the fact that...


Category  Stills · Advertising · Fashion
Location  Amsterdam, Hamburg
about // VITA daan is a commercial and fine-art photographer and director. his work is heavily influenced by his former career as a cartoonist - he provides creative solutions with twists in both his...


Category  Architecture
Location  Hamburg
about // VITA as an award-winning art director, and later on, creative director, nick frank was responsible for the visual presentation of advertising campaigns for 15 years. he switched sides in 2010, focusing...


Category  Portrait · Architecture
Location  Hamburg
about // VITA living in hamburg, ralph hargarten has been working as a freelance photographer since 1993. an acknowledged photographer of lifestyles and people, in recent years he has increasingly focused on...

Reinhard HUNGER

Category  Stills · Food
Location  Hamburg
about // VITA former art director reinhard hunger has worked as a freelance photographer since 1996. based in hamburg, his portfolio embraces classic still-life motifs as well as humorously subversive sequences...