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Meet ALL DIRECTIONS FILMS at UPDATE 24 BERLIN & Showreel by Petrus Olsson
Meet ALL DIRECTIONS FILMS -  a distinguished division of the renowned artist agency BRANSCH - at UPDATE 24 BERLIN Have a look - Showreel by PETRUS OLSSON

'Our agency functions as a comprehensive film production and representation company, boasting a curated selection of experienced and visually captivating directors who are adept in both still photography and film direction. Our exceptional expertise lies in multimedia projects, facilitating efficient and cost-effective planning and execution for your projects.
We collaborate closely with film production companies, direct clients, and advertising agencies to ensure seamless and exceptional support from project inception to delivery. Our dedicated production team is committed to providing unparalleled support and delivering impeccable results. We are equipped to handle any genre and can execute projects anywhere in the world. We invite you to partner with us for your next film project.'

Meet ALL DIRECTIONS FILMS -  a distinguished division of the renowned artist agency BRANSCH - at UPDATE 24 BERLIN

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OnePlus’ Nord 2 5G phone - launch film by Aggressive c/o ALL DIRECTIONS FILMS
Aggressive c/o ALL DIRECTIONS FILMS: 'To launch OnePlus’ Nord 2 5G phone we directed a three-chapter, visually forward film that flips between strikingly beautiful real-world settings, and completely re-mixed collage environments that break all conventions with stylish strangeness and delightful humor. 
Working closely with OnePlus and Sweetshop, the project was a truly international affair bringing together the best of the best – a Shanghai, Warsaw, Barcelona, Singapore, Tokyo, New York all-star collaboration. The project was shot almost entirely against virtual Unreal Engine environments, blending seamlessly between LED projected and practical sets, converging concept and execution.'

Aggressive is a creative production company headed by Grammy award-winning filmmakers Alex Topaller and Dan Shapiro who craft bold, innovative, and supremely eye-catching commercials, live experiences and music videos. Known for creating strong stories while remaining technique agnostic, they utilize the absolute best tools for each unique job. From concepting throughout shoot and post-production, Aggressive carefully handles every aspect of a production, ensuring a unified, seamless creative vision that is highly sought after by some of the world’s biggest brands and artists such as Amazon, Boeing, Honda, Intel, Michael Jackson, Pharrell, and Alicia Keys. They have earned numerous awards and been featured across the globe as Vimeo Staff Picks, Behance features and festival showcases, as well as being publicized by The New York Times, Wired, American Cinematographer, Vogue, Vanity Fair, Creativity and NOWNESS among dozens of other publications.

Meet ALL DIRECTIONS FILMS -  a distinguished division of the renowned artist agency BRANSCH - at UPDATE 24 BERLIN
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MOVIE // OnePlus’ Nord 2 5G phone by AGGRESSIVE c/o BRANSCH

​Meet BRANSCH at UPDATE-24-BERLIN, 18-19 April 2024
BRANSCH IS AN INTERNATIONAL PHOTO, FILM AND PRODUCTION COMPANY that represents the best visual artists around the globe. With individual and unique modes of artistic expression, there is a BRANSCH artist for every job, large or small, in every industry. In addition to high levels of artistry, each BRANSCH artist also possesses the utmost in technical skill.

Clients can rest easy knowing that their shoot is in the hands of a seasoned, expressive artist who can collaborate with their ideas to bring dynamic, fantastic ideas to life, in any media desired.

Meet us at UPDATE-24-BERLIN - 18+19-APRIL-24 at TELEGRAPHENAMT © // 1 file show complete blog