Frieke Janssens c/o BRANSCH

Additional Info // about Frieke Janssens

frieke janssens fell in love with photography at an early age, and nurtured an interest in lifestyles, sociology and stereotypes while studying photography at sint-lukas brussels, because she felt as she was living in two worlds. as a working photographer, frieke’s work is painterly and arresting. with an eye for detail, humor, and surrealism, she uses narrative to depict fascinating stories that either avoid clichés or use them quite consciously. her images are multilayered, encouraging the viewer to spend more than an instant engaging with them. one might pass an image on the street, and stop to consider it for a long while. this kind of engagement and detail makes frieke’s work very attractive to clients from a wide range of disciplines - corporations to cultural clients and everything in-between. in addition to commercial work, frieke produces a prolific amount of personal work. her personal images reflect on social phenomena, such as her famous series, “smoking kids.” she is based in brussels, belgium.