Johann Sebastian Hänel c/o BRANSCH

Additional Info // about Johann Sebastian Hänel

johann sebastian hänel’s work is exciting and vibrant without being overly glossy or detached. his interest in humanity and its varied conditions lend itself to a thorough portrait of his subject, whether individual, in large groups, in studio, or in environments. regardless of the context, his images speak to the viewer.
strongly influenced by his upbringing in a vibrant middle-class family in hamburg in the latter half of the 20th century, hänel was fed a steady diet of art, classical music, movies, books, social matters, and politics, and to this day takes an interest in cultural and social discourse with his photography.
with time spent in germany, england, and eastern europe, hänel has lived, studied, and traveled around the world, and his global perspective is sought after by clients of all stripes, from large corporate clients and agencies, to small, non-profit cultural concerns, and editorials in all realms. he is currently based in berlin.