Jonathan Knowles c/o BRANSCH

Additional Info // about Jonathan Knowles

jonathan knowles creates graphic, dynamic still lifes. simplicity is at the core of his work; every element is studied and placed with purpose - even crumbs next to a half eaten cake are carefully placed in a ‘random’ way. in each image, the totality is an object which is sculpted by his light, and the way they come together creates a still and permanent beauty. his liquid work takes this a step further, presenting as permanent what the eye itself can never retain. while unable to fully control each liquid shot, meticulous planning enables knowles to capture a unique instant of time that can never be repeated. his work is ubiquitous throughout britain and abroad - most famously, the o2 bubbles and the oranges on sainsbury’s lorries, stores and carrier bags, among others, but he also counts nike, plymouth gin, and guinness among his clients. knowles is based in london.