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news ‘No Design, No Future’ – BRODYBOOKINGS models Janina, Julian & Ruben present you the new ByWP 2022 eyewear collection

ByWP is a stainless steel or beta titanium alloy collection by designer Wolfgang Proksch with a patented screw-free hinge solution. In 2003, he founded the company PM/D for the global sale of his brand ByWP. The frames with patented connection assembly, manufactured entirely using wafer-thin stainless steel, are in stock at optometrists across almost all Asian countries.

BRODYBOOKINGS models Janina, Julian & Ruben present you the latest ByWP eyewear collection, photographed by Christian Metzler.

Designer Wolfgang Proksch, who resides in Germany and has an avid interest in design, fashion, architecture, furniture, automobiles, jazz, contemporary art, but is also a passionate autograph collector, first studied marketing. Following several years in management, he has enjoyed success illustrating for the legendary brand Bugatti.

He became a household name worldwide with a pair of sunglasses designed in the style of the number eight flipped horizontally. The first of which was purchased in...

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