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featured by KLEIN PHOTOGRAPHEN : SKODA FABIA social media campaign as a modern mix of transportation & lifestyle, photographed by Emir HAVERIC c/o KLEIN PHOTOGRAPHEN for Optimist Inc

The new FABIA takes another step further in defining the SKODA design language. In its appearance, it is self-assured yet approachable, but still equally stylish and elegant, according to the carmaker. For SKODA FABIA, Emir HAVERIC c/o KLEIN PHOTOGRAPHEN photographed a modern mix of transportation and lifestyle/fashion. Creation was in the hands of Daniel Haschtmann, Executive Creative Director Optimist Inc, as well as Art Director Yann Fischels. Tanja Braune was in charge of art buying.
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featured by Markus Wendler : Trip to Transfagarasan - the SKODA CLEVER campaign photographed by MARKUS WENDLER in Bucharest as well as the most spectacular mountain route in Romania for Optimist Inc., Prague

MARKUS WENDLER photographed the SKODA Clever campaign this summer for the agency Optimist Inc. Prague. Creative responsibility was in the hands of CD Kai Grützmacher and Jakub Hanzlicek, with art buying taken care of by Tanja Braune and Anna Tosovska. The production companies were Tim Michel and Digital Spirit, with post by Akcent Prague.

Production took place in Bucharest as well as on the legendary Transfagarasan mountain route in Romania. The Transfagarasan Highway begins in the town of Căpățânenii Ungureni – part of the Arefu municipality – after which it reaches the hydroelectric power station of the Vidraru Dam. From there, the road begins to ascend, winding its way steeply up the valley of the Valea lui Stan stream over a few viaducts and passing through four tunnels. Two of the tunnels are around 100 meters long and are located directly in front of the dam of the Lake Vidraru reservoir. The road continues to climb along numerous serpentines…

The model series FABIA, FABIA COMBI, SCALA, KAMIQ, KAROQ, KODIAQ as well as OCTAVIA and OCTAVIA COMBI are now available in the extensively equipped CLEVER version. Since the very first days of the automotive industry, ŠKODA has developed and distributed innovative technologies and inventions.
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featured by JULIA WALDMANN : ‘Everything Under Control’ – Felix WITTLICH c/o JULIA WALDMANN photographs people on the phone for TCHIBO Mobil and the agency serviceplan

TCHIBO Mobil is a German mobile communications discounter. The company started in October 2004 as a joint venture between Tchibo and Telefónica Germany, making it the first in Germany. The new ‘Everything Under Control’ campaign was photographed by Felix WITTLICH c/o JULIA WALDMAN for the popular cellphone service provider on commission for the agency Serviceplan. Art buying support came from Bureau Braune, with styling by Louisa Jülich and H&M by Naltalia SOBOLEVA c/o LIGANORD.

Hamburg-based Tchibo GmbH is one of the largest German consumer goods and retail companies. Tchibo is owned 100% by the Herz family through the family holding company Maxingvest (formerly Tchibo Holding AG). Tchibo not only operates stores in downtown areas and in shopping centers but also as points of sale in supermarkets and is just as successful with its online shops. GoSee :
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