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Dimitri Sportswear
The fashion Label Dimitri well-known for it’s Women- and Menswear is now launching a brand new Sportswear Collection.
The Spring/Summer 2024 Sportswear Collection draws inspiration from the former Tennis Players such as Björn Borg or John McEnroe in the 70ies and combines premium fabrics with a sleek and bold design. Dimitri’s designs are created with a vision and comfort that inspires confidence and allows you to be anything you want to be, without sacrificing luxurious feel, look and attention to detail. The items are made from highest quality materials and handcrafted in Italy. Whether you’re setting foot on the tennis court or you are on your way to breathtaking mountain views, topped off with a run along the beach in style! 
The collection presents a fresh new take on not only tennis wear – with a design that bridges sports and fashion! 
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Dimitri Fall/Winter 2023 Capsule Collection
Dimitri Capsule Collection 

capsule wardrobe is a minimalist collection of clothes that can be put together in different ways to cover a variety of outfits and occasions. 
A collection of a few essential items of clothing that don't go out of fashion, such as skirts, trousers, and coats, which can then be augmented with seasonal pieces.
The idea was to create a capsule wardrobe that features only the most essential or influential pieces from a collection. 
Our Autumn Winter 2023 campaign captures the essence of the brand: simple, minimal and effortless. 
In focus: muted and calm shades, lush textures  and large silhouettes. The colors and textures reflect elements from nature, such as forests, plants and sand.
Finest tailoring and empowering shapes for strong women.

The Collection consists of iconic women's suits, including blazer, shirts, trousers, skirts, jackets, coats and trench coats with unmistakably strong shapes, an avant-garde line of modern times describes the items best.
Character-strong oversized pieces finished with ultra-feminine elements, united in the highest quality. 
A collection that allows a "mix & match" with the different shapes and colors, but where each piece also stands alone and can be combined. 
The fabrics, from finest virgin wool to silk, cashmere and cotton, complete the strong looks of luxurious, timeless it-pieces of tomorrow. 

The high-end fabrics are all certified fabrics „Made in Italy“ selected by our Design Team and produced with an extraordinary sense of craftsmanship and style by our Atelier.
Dimitri established three sustainability pillars: high quality in fabrics, high quality in production processes, and high quality in designs. 
The Designer is focusing on longevity, in the form of wearable, effortless and everyday options.
With sustainability, climate change, and repeatedly deviating trends having overwhelmed our minds and markets for the past few years, the shift toward timelessness and minimalist design has increased tenfold.

The idea is about investing in a wardrobe for the longer term that works hard for the wearer. 
Pieces will easily transition from city to vacation and from day to evening.”

“This turn toward neutral-colored, logo-less designs is encompassing the quiet luxury trend of investing in pieces that will last you a lifetime © // 12 files show complete blog
IMAGE // DIMITRI Fall/Winter 2023 Campaign
IMAGE // DIMITRI Fall/Winter 2023 Campaign
IMAGE // DIMITRI Fall/Winter 2023 Campaign
IMAGE // DIMITRI Fall/Winter 2023 Campaign
IMAGE // DIMITRI Fall/Winter 2023 Campaign
IMAGE // DIMITRI Fall/Winter 2023 Campaign
IMAGE // DIMITRI Fall/Winter 2023 Campaign
IMAGE // DIMITRI Fall/Winter 2023 Campaign
IMAGE // DIMITRI Fall/Winter 2023 Campaign
IMAGE // DIMITRI Fall/Winter 2023 Campaign
IMAGE // DIMITRI Fall/Winter 2023 Campaign
IMAGE // DIMITRI Fall/Winter 2023 Campaign

Dimitri Spring/Summer 2023
Spring/Summer 2023 Collection 
DIMITRIs Spring/Summer 2023 collection embodies Mediterranean lifestyle at its best. Colors, patterns, eye-catching prints and processed fabrics are the hallmarks of the 47-year old fashion designer from Italy. His fondness for exotic destinations served as inspiration for the current collection which is especially manifested by the bright coloring of the whole line. 
With its fancy drafts, vital designs and high-quality materials such as silk, linen, Crêpe de Chine, Georgette as well as finest cotton and printed lightweight jersey, the DIMITRI SS23 creations read themselves like a travel diary. Modern feminine cuts, bright graphic patterns, floral prints and colorful Bohème dresses, dominate the line. Also this Summer collection has a kind of “beachy style” with cropped tops and long skirts. The pieces are easily to combine, to give your summer wardrobe the ultimate touch and bring some variety in your Look. Powerful green meets yellow and black contrasts with white. Apart from feminine dresses with puffed sleeves the collection also features 70s inspired maxi dresses, shirts, palazzo pants, midi skirts and suits. 
Accessories like handmade macramé handbags and basket bags, classic leather belts and buckles complete the DIMITRI look for Spring/Summer. 
“The typical DIMITRI woman is feminine and sexy, a libertine with a relaxed attitude towards glamour”, states the designer Dimitrios Panagiotopoulos. It is exactly these characteristics that are strikingly incorporated by the DIMITRI SS23 collection.  © // 18 files show complete blog