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featured by ANDREA HEBERGER : Mix, match, play, and create your own private I’m! – Camilla CAMAGLIA c/o ANDREA HEBERGER photographed the campaign for the new and mysterious make-up brand I’M FASHION MAKE-UP

Imagine a country, whose leaders decided to remain anonymous. The public does not know who they are, and they do not spend time and resources building an image, glorifying themselves and launching redundant PR campaigns. All their time and energy is dedicated to their work, and to the well-being of their people. Would you be surprised if we told you that such a country existed? This wonderful utopia is the model for I’M FASHION MAKEUP.

Four of the world’s most well-known visagists, whose names you probably know, have joined forces to create I’M FASHION MAKEUP. The founders have decided :

Our identities shall remain hidden! We will set aside our egos and our lust for fame, and pour all our knowledge and energy into one goal : to develop and create make-up products – and let them be the real stars!” 

The brand includes make-up and care products, headed by our flag series ‘Makeup Lab’ – a series of make-up formulas designed to be mixed and matched, so you can create your own make-up! I’m Fashion Makeup is a brand made especially for people who dream of egoless, yet distinct products : “It is a new kind of make-up product, that will connect with your passion and encourage you to mix, match, play, and create your own private I’m!”

The latest campaign was photographed by Camilla CAMAGLIA c/o ANDREA HEBERGER, with make-up by Einat Dan and hair by Asier Aguirano. GoSee : &
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