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featured by GoSee EVENT : GoSee Tip : Off to Paris Photo 2023 at Grand Palais Éphémère, Paris – from 9-12 November

The 26th edition of Paris Photo is taking place at Grand Palais Éphémère under the patronage of Emmanuel Macron, President of the Republic of France.

“… Paris Photo goes straight to the heart of contemporary issues, and at the top of its agenda is responding to the new challenges presented by the medium. This edition introduces original curatorial directions and explores the limits of the medium. A new sector, dedicated to photography in the digital age and curated by Nina Roehrs, showcases artists who integrate digital practices into their work. Promoting artistic diversity and applying technological innovation so that artists can benefit from exciting creative opportunities, enabling access in order to broaden horizons, and sharing content with new audiences are all vital tools to explore how photography is changing at the cutting-edge of art and technology …

Committed to both social and environmental issues, the Paris Photo fair is designed to foster new ideas, educate, and grant new insights into the medium to as many as possible without denying its history and while nurturing discussion. All of which are directions we encourage and are continuously developing in order to push the boundaries in 2024 when we return to the Grand Palais with its generous space. Until then, we look forward to seeing you at the Grand Palais Éphémère for an edition chock full of discovery!” Florence Bourgeois, Director of PARIS PHOTO.

In 2023, Paris Photo comprises alone 191 galleries and publishers at Grand Palais Éphémère as well as online in the virtual Paris Photo exhibition space. The Main sector brings together 133 galleries from 21 countries this year. On display as part of the exhibition are historical and contemporary works alongside modern masterpieces just as much as emerging artists – providing a survey of how the medium of photography has been used from the past to the present day. The Publishers sector, with 35 international participants, supports and promotes the production of photo books.


Wednesday 8 November
Opening by invitation only
Collector’s Circle access: 11am - 9pm
Morning invitation access: 11am - 9pm
VIP access: 2pm - 9pm
Press access: 3pm - 9pm
Evening invitation access: 5pm - 9pm

Thursday 9 November
Privileged access: 10:30am - 1pm
Public access: 1pm - 8pm

Friday 10 November
Privileged access: 10:30am - 1pm
Public access: 1pm - 8pm

Saturday 11 November
Privileged access: 10:30am - 1pm
Public access: 1pm - 8pm

Sunday 12 November
Privileged access: 10:30am - 1pm
Public access: 1pm - 7pm

30€ Weekday ticket (Thursday/Friday)
32€ Weekend ticket (Saturday/Sunday)
25€ After Work ticket (after 5pm)
15€ Student ticket
50€ ticket + guided tour
22€ guided tour (ticket for admission not included)

Premium pass 200€
Privileged pass 70€
Business pack 1,430€
School pack 160€
Professional pass 100€

GoSee : parisphoto.com
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featured by GoSee FASHION : The winners of the 38th edition of the Festival of Fashion in Hyères have been chosen - and we have impressions from the show and exhibitions for you on GoSee

Igor Dieryck, a graduate of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, was the big winner at the 38th edition of the International Festival of Fashion, Photography and Accessories in Hyères this year (GoSee reported). He took home the prestigious Grand Prix du Jury Première Vision, the 19M Métiers d’Art prize and the Public Choice award. Dieryck’s MA collection YESSIR provides an in-depth take on social and political issues from a fashion perspective. Inspired by his personal experience while working at a hotel, his collection explores the rules and symbolism of uniforms, and analyzes how they change the wearer’s relationship to the world.

Igor Dieryck: “The YESSIR collection is inspired by a reflection on the place of hotel staff within their establishment. The main objective of my collection is to highlight those who, too often, are ignored and concealed by a system that does not give them the place to be powerful and represent the different protagonists sharing the space of the hotel lobby.”

Second prize went to Igor Dieryck’s former intern at Acne Studios, Petra Fagerstrom, who won the 19M Métiers d’Art prize sponsored by Chanel’s Atelier des Matières and the Mercedes-Benz Sustainability Prize.

The Photography jury, presided by photographer Luis Alberto Rodriguez, awarded the Grand Prix 7L to French-Swiss photographer Thaddé Comar. In his Project ‘How was your dream?’, he documented the protests and tensions erupting on the streets of Hong Kong in the year 2019, a decisive moment in history when citizens protested against a government proposition to allow extradition to the Chinese mainland. The American Vintage Photography prize was awarded to Senegalese photographer Souleymane Bachir Diaw. Chinese photographer Kin Coedel received the Public Choice award. His series ‘Dyal Thak’ captures the essence of daily life in Tibetan communities with remarkable sensitivity.

In the Accessories category, the Grand Prix of the Jury – presided this year by jewelry designer Alan Crocetti, was awarded to Swiss designer Gabrielle Huguenot. The Hermès Accessories prize, offered by the leather goods specialist since 2020, was awarded to French designer Victor Salinier.

All winners in 2023:

Grand Prix du Jury Premiere Vision: Igor Dieryck, Belgium
The 19M Métiers d’Art Prize: Igor Dieryck, Belgium
Award of L’Atelier des Matières: Petra Fagerstrom, Sweden
Mercedes-Benz Sustainability Prize: Petra Fagerstrom, Sweden
Grand Prix of the Jury, Accessories: Gabrielle Huguenot, Switzerland
Hermès Award for Accessories: Victor Salinier, France
Public Choice Award, Accessories: Victor Salinier, France
Grand Prix of the Photography Jury 7L: Thaddé Comar, France/Switzerland
American Vintage Photography Prize: Souleymane Bachir Diaw
Public Choice Award, Photography: Kin Coedal

Rolf Scheider was at the festival for GoSee and presents us a selection his impressions. Plus, we present you the winning project ‘How was your dream?’ by Thaddé Comar (published at Mörel Books, London) as well as Kin Coedel’s series ‘Dyal Thak’. The exhibition is still on display in the southern French town until 14 January, 2024.
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featured by GoSee EVENT : The 38th edition of the Hyères Fashion Festival is celebrating up-and-coming artists in the areas of fashion, photography and accessories

Preparations for the Hyères fashion competition are well underway. The 38th edition of the International Festival of Fashion, Photography and Accessories will take place from Thursday, the 12th to Sunday, the 15th of October, 2023, at Villa Noailles. The exhibitions will be open to the public through January 2024.

Invited are a total of 30 finalists who will be competing in the categories Fashion, Photography and Accessories. The juries are presided by Glenn Martins, Creative Director of Y/Project and Diesel, the Belgian visual artist Pierre Debusschere and Aska Yamashita, Creative Director of the embroidery studio Atelier Montex, a department of Chanel.

The Hyères Festival, one of the oldest competitions for young talent in the fashion industry, is continuously gaining significance as an important competition for emerging designers. Following two years shaped by the pandemic, the competition now returns with a full program and new partners, including main partner Chanel who is funding three prizes: the 19M Métiers d’Art prize in the Fashion category (€ 20,000 prize money), the main prize of the Photography jury (also € 20,000), and the Accessories prize, a cooperation with Métiers d'Art from Chanel valued at € 20,000.

Also part of the festival since 2020 is Hermès, sponsoring a special prize for belts in the Accessories category valued at € 20,000. Further luxury goods companies such as LVMH and die Kering Group have been supporting the festival for quite some time and offer the finalists workshops on sustainable development.

Bottega Veneta is offering the winners of the photography competition a scholarship and the chance to participate in one of their campaigns. Mattieu Blazy, Creative Director of the house, is a member of the jury.

But first, we have the finalists for you here on GoSee – Rolf Scheider and team are on their way to southern France where they will be reporting for us.
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