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Los Angeles
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blog THANKS, WE'LL TAKE IT FROM HERE - A photography book about a Revolution against the 1% by Chris Anthony

An Art / Photography Book about Income & Wealth Inequality depicting a Revolution standing up to the Ultra-Rich so we can build a society on decency, empathy and compassion. A fantastical, cautionary tale of images by artist & activist Chris Anthony. Over 175 photographs of a Revolution in the making, for the taking, to keep on breaking, see the blue-bloods shaking, and the castles quaking, to quell the aching, get rid of the scraping, but never forsaking - our sisters and brothers, as now they are waking.

Chris Anthony : "Dear Sisters and Brothers, Friends and Comrades, As I write this in August, 2021, the three richest billionaires in the United States (you know who they are) have more wealth than the entire bottom half of the country’s population. 3 white men. And they pay almost nothing in taxes. Nor do their mega corporations. And they're leaving Earth in spaceships. My name is Chris Anthony and I’m an artist and activist in Los Angeles.

I’ve been working on this series...

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