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featured by Jan Steinhilber : JAN STEINHILBER photographed the PORSCHE CAYENNE Platinum Edition for Grabarz & Partner

JAN STEINHILBER was commissioned by PORSCHE and Grabarz & Partner to photograph the PORSCHE CAYENNE Platinum Edition on the streets of Berlin. “The goal was to create authentic urban environments with an interesting interplay of light and shadow,” the photographer tells GoSee. Production was in the hands of GoSee Member Claas Cropp Creative Productions, Creative Director was Tim Lehnebach, and the protagonists were styled by Stephanie Franzius.
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CLAAS CROPP CREATIVE PRODUCTIONS produced the SMART HOME campaign for GIRA with photographer David Daub… and meet CCCP once again as an exhibitor at UPDATE-22-BERLIN

Experience more in a world between on and off. Consumer information search and buying behavior have undergone a significant transition in recent years as both have shifted more and more online. This is also true for the electronics sector. Consumers usually inform themselves online first and derive in most cases precise conceptions and expectations with which they then approach electronics specialists. To optimize this process, Gira already launched a large-scale image campaign in 2021.

The motifs produced by CLAAS CROPP CREATIVE PRODUCTIONS were photographed by David Daub.

Although the focus is on the area of smart homes, all of Gira’s business areas were ultimately integrated into the campaign. Gira consciously chose not to focus primarily on the products, but instead to build upon the popularity of its switches and its striking, multiple award-winning design.

Torben Bayer, Head of Brand Development and Marketing at GIRA : “We designed the campaign from the very beginning so that it could be expanded across all distribution channels in order to also get the trade sector on board. In our explainer video, we show our partners in the trade industry the details of our campaign and how they can take part. But our field service staff are also providing additional support through acquisition and are already out on the road talking to our specialist customers about the topic, to make it clear: With the end consumer campaign, Gira is doing everything it can for the trade sector.”

Claas Cropp Creative Productions is a full service production company with vast experience in all areas of still photo production, location scouting, casting, and art buying : “Based in Berlin, we work nationally and internationally on all kinds of photo shoots, from fashion to cars, and from editorial productions to global advertising campaigns.”

And meet CCCP in 2022 once again as an exhibitor at UPDATE-22-BERLIN.

GoSee : gira.declaascropp.com & UPDATE.Salon
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featured by Jan Steinhilber : ‘Composed with Passion’ : JAN STEINHILBER photographs the PORSCHE Panamera Platinum Edition with Grabarz & Partner and Claas Cropp Creative Production in Berlin

The Panamera Platinum Edition is the result of passion and enthusiasm. If you ask PORSCHE, it’s the perfect blend of tried-and-trusted favorite features and exclusive design highlights : “Composed with Passion”. JAN STEINHILBER had the pleasure of shooting the high-class model. Together with Creative Director Tim Lehnebach from Grabarz & Partner (Art Buyer : Gilles Kintziger), Berlin was chosen as the perfect backdrop for the new Panamera Platinum Edition.

“The goal was to show the car in authentic and unstaged urban surroundings, which was achieved with the support of Berlin locals Claas Cropp Creative Production, stylist Stephanie Franzius and hair & make-up artist Anna Kürner. Post production and CGI were handled with routined expertise and plenty of passion by Dock2 Studios in Hamburg,” the photographer tells us.
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