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Take control of your eyebrows – the animated POWmade campaign for Benefit Cosmetics Polska by Augustynka c/o COSMOPOLA

Try out the NEW POWmade – the 36-hour formula eyebrow pomade from the company BENEFIT. We’re talking about creamy full-pigment eyebrow pomade from Benefit Cosmetics : “Change your eyebrows beyond recognition with POWmade! It is a full-pigment pomade that fills brows naturally with only a few strokes. It is a creamy, light and easy-to-blend formula that coats hair gently and gives it a natural, almost satiny finish.” says BENEFIT. The artwork for it came from mixed media artist & motion designer Augustynka c/o COSMOPOLA.

COSMOPOLA : “Have you ever seen something this pink? Because I definitely haven’t!!! Enjoy Augustynka’s #POWmade premiere campaign for Benefit on GoSee.” If you ever think about changing your eyebrows – then try out the Benefit eyebrow cabin on their website. You’ll love it. GoSee : benefitcosmetics.com & cosmopola.de
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A new shopping experience at the bonprix store in Hamburg – the cinematic BONPRIX campaign by Björn EWERS c/o COSMOPOLA

Fall is almost here… but please don’t forget all the other seasons! What do you do if you want to try something that has never been done before and you also want it to be fun? You book photographer Björn EWERS c/o COSMOPOLA and his team. Like here for BONPRIX. bonprix is an international fashion company headquartered in Hamburg.

COSMOPOLA :  “We are so happy to share the cinematic campaign we shot for BONPRIX all over Hamburg these days for the new #bonprix pilot store in Hamburg City. A whole new and innovative shopping experience is definitely worth checking out! Seeing Björn use different techniques on set to create amazing footage was thrilling! The good energy, the nice people on set, and the fun activities in between are what I love about my work.”

BONPRIX on the advertised innovative on-site service : “No more digging around for the right size, no lines outside the changing room and at the cash register. In our bonprix store in Hamburg, you scan your new favorite clothes quickly with an app and order them directly in our comfortable changing rooms – including different light settings and automatic size re-order service. And paying is just as easy – all you need is your smartphone.”

There are meanwhile bonprix stores in 30 countries in Europe, Russia and in North and South America, making bonprix one of Otto Group’s most profitable companies. GoSee : bonprix.de & cosmopola.de
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Painter Leon Löwentraut in the cover story of NZZ Magazin am Sonntag – portrayed by Frederike WETZELS c/o COSMOPOLA

“Leon Löwentraut, 23, polarizes the art world. Is his art the work of a genius or simply kitsch?" NZZ writes at the end of August 2021. The young and successful painter, considered a wunderkind by many, was portrayed for the cover story in NZZ Magazin am Sonntag by Frederike WETZELS c/o COSMOPOLA. Leon Löwentraut, who already started his career at the age of seven, lives and works in Düsseldorf. GoSee : leonloewentraut.de & cosmopola.de
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