Arnaud Ele c/o Cosmopola

Additional Info // about Arnaud Ele

Established in Switzerland for more than ten years, Arnaud Ele studied filmmaking at the Geneva Film School.

Following a trip back to Cameroon in 2015, his original home, where he spent the first five years of his life, he starts to explore the notions of territory, identities, within its codes and associated representations.
Arnaud Ele became known not only for his fashion photography, but also for his documentary series in Switzerland and Cameroon, as well as his many video collaborations with artists, singers and dancers from the art scene in Switzerland.
Wherever he goes, he focuses on the notion of intimacy. Wondering about the ways of inhabiting the territories and their uses, as well as the way in which nature and human occupation intertwine, he has always endeavored to push back the limits of the documentary. He reveals, under the innocuous appearance of its scenes, hidden stories.

He defends the view of the human eye as a method of recording and intimacy as a mode of description.

His photographic work is the continuity of his training as a filmmaker: the intuitive scenario of the image, the exploration of new narrative forms representing the moment with veracity.