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News // 35 News by Patrick Curtet

Never stop exploring. Photographer and Director duo MP CURTET stage the new MAZDA CX-50 for MAZDA USA and Superunion in the lush forests outside of Seattle

Sometimes, all it takes to set off your next adventure is an invitation. And that’s precisely what happened when Mazda USA called upon photographer and director duo MP CURTET to create the complete communication mix for the new MAZDA CX-50.

It didn’t take long for the duo to find the perfect location: Where else but ‘Into the Wild’… Their sights were set on the area surrounding Seattle in the Pacific Northwest of the USA with its lush forests. They brought the prototype there to kick off a week-long shoot – to show just what this brand-new crossover SUV can do in the great outdoors. Patrick Curtet tells GoSee : “When you talk about northern Washington, you’re always talking about rain, lots of rain. The whole week long, it never stopped. Which makes the result even more stunning, and it brings such a fresh vibe to it. It’s an invitation to the outdoors. Get out there and breathe…”

Production was supported by Chris Hill, Senior Manager, Brand, Entertainment and Sponsorships at Mazda North American Operations, and the agency Superunion. Photos were shot by Patrick and Marlyne Curtet, aka MP CURTET. Also part of the team was Laura Goehrke, Senior Producer at Hogarth Worldwide.

‘We’re more human in nature’ – Spending time in nature rejuvenates and invigorates us as humans, increases our well-being and heightens our creativity. Four years of research and development have yielded a truly unique vehicle, by merging harmony, capability and elegance – to forge the new MAZDA CX-50. “Our vehicles have always been designed based on a human-centric philosophy, engineered to bring man and machine into unprecedented harmony, through the joy of driving. So, for Mazda’s purpose-built vehicle for the outdoors, we looked to our engineers to go one step further. To create a vehicle that brings man, machine, and the natural world into a unique harmony, greater than the sum of its parts. From its i-Activ All-Wheel Drive and Mi-Drive modes to its panoramic sunroof and intelligent utility, the CX-50 was designed to connect drivers and passengers with the natural world, by delivering a driving experience off the beaten path, that is both engaging and seamless.”


Marlyne and Patrick Curtet, aka MP Curtet, come from a hybrid lineage of art direction and photography, blending French elegance with an utterly bold spirit. The L.A.-based French couple works in a symbiotic relationship with their combined talents, giving their images a unique depth and quality. The emotive resonance of their partnership adds an extra layer to their storytelling and cinematographic vision.

Aside from the uniqueness of their images, the duo loves bringing an innovative approach to any challenge that is thrown their way. There are no boundaries to their creative mindset: virtual reality, Unreal Engines, drones, or CGI are all on the table when it comes to realizing their vision and storytelling. MP Curtet love to share their passion, bringing diverse multidisciplinary crews together in the service of creativity. They use their multifaceted talents to create stunning content, whether stills or moving images, across all multimedia platforms. MP Curtet have brought their cinematographic look and experience to award-winning projects for more than 100 brands.

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PATRICK CURTET photographs the coupé-like, elegant AUDI RS7 Sportback, taking it for a spin – ‘Performance is an Attitude’

MP CURTET present us their cooperation with CG Artist Denis Seounes on a series with the AUDI RS7. The backplates were photographed in Los Angeles, and the job was finalized in Paris.

CG Artist Denis Seounes on the project : “It was an honor and a pleasure to work with Patrick Curtet on this series of images. In addition to providing us with backplates and HDRI, Patrick followed the creative progress and shared his expertise to get the best possible result.”

Innovative technology meets intuitive dynamics. When it comes to the AUDI RS7 Sportback, coupé-like, elegant design lines in Glacier White Metallic meet the brute force of the V8 TFSI engine.
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‘Be Iconic’ – MP CURTET present you the path-breaking CADILLAC InnerSpace Concept with a film and photos

What will mobility of the future look like ? A question we have all asked ourselves. We present you the vision from the company CADILLAC, staged by MP CURTET with uncompromising modern flair. Cadillac personally describes its InnerSpace Concept in the following words : “… a dramatic, two-passenger electric and autonomous luxury vehicle.”

“The vehicles of the Cadillac Halo Concept Portfolio are designed to provide effortless travel through extraordinary means,” according to Bryan Nesbitt, GM Executive Director. “They are visions for the next decade and beyond, showing the possibilities enabled by General Motors’ comprehensive approach to autonomous driving technology with the goal of a world with zero crashes, zero emissions and zero congestion.”

Based in Los Angeles, the creative team MP CURTET were commissioned to photograph and film this dreamlike futuristic vision : “We were given total creative freedom when it comes to selecting the location, the talents, wardrobe and for creative direction. We had less than two weeks to come up with the concept and shoot it. The same rush continued on throughout editing and post production of the photos and video. The music was also our responsibility,” Head Creatives Patrick and Marlyne tell GoSee.NEWS. “This is a dream project that resonates quite loudly across the industry…” One thing is certain : MP CURTET know how to push the creative envelope a bit more with each production.

MP Curtet would like to take this opportunity to thank the GM Design team with Franck Saucedo, Hannona Thamer and Joseph Baker. Their thanks also go to : “Our talented DP and musician Joachim Zunke. Special thanks to @lacreativeteam for the great input before the shoot and fine tuning in post production.” MP CURTET are represented SEVERIN & WENDELER, by Cream TV as well as by B&A.

GoSee : cadillac.comcurtet.com
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