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TOTEM GT Electric presents the retro version of the Alfa Giulia GTA with electric drive – photographed by MP CURTET

When the past meets the future – TOTEM Automobili presents the Giulia GT Electric: a fully electric Alfa restomod with 525 PS and carbon fiber body. But you have to act fast : Production is limited to a total of only 20 cars! If restoration of a vehicle also includes modifications (that are not original), then the car is referred to as a restomod, aka restored and modified.

The reborn electric Italian automobile legend was celebrated adequately in California by MP CURTET – and, of course, plays the lead role in the successful cinematic production.

Patrick Curtet: “Inspired by the glorious Alfa Giulia GTA, reborn with an electric motor, state-of-art technology and new design. Venezia, 30 October, 2020 – Totem Automobili, an Italian start-up in the restomod car segment, announced the launch of its first handcrafted luxury vehicle : the Totem GT electric. With its sensual design, electric heart and sporty soul, the new GT electric is a handcrafted, timeless restoration of the glorious Alfa Romeo Giulia GT 1600/1750 from the 1960s.

The GT electric is the brainchild of Riccardo Quaggio, an Italian automotive designer and founder of Totem Automobili. It was conceived with a redesigned carbon fiber silhouette, an electric motor and state-of-art technology. It took three years of intense teamwork, craftsmanship, engineering and development, followed by extensive testing to take the iconic car to a level never before experienced and provide classic automobile lovers with the best vintage Italian car built for the future.”

MP Curtet is represented in the US by B&A, in Europe by SEVERIN WENDELER and in France by Cream Paris.  Follow MP Curtet on @mpcurtet.  Thanks to: Aaron Jimenez from The Industry LA @aaronsjim and Bridans Gang @dropped_apha / @oilstainlab  Totem Automobili  (Instagram: totem.automobili) GoSee : mpcurtet.com
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MP CURTET takes colors from the streets of LA – the director and photographer celebrates life in all its colorful splendor with a cheerful Technicolor palette in moving images and eye-catching stills here on GoSee

With the positive claim “Speak in color and the world will understand you,” transportation photographer and director Patrick CURTET presents us his latest work on GoSee.

“We all want fresh air and to see life in Technicolor again. We want to go out and unleash our minds. MP Curtet teamed up with the studio @LACREATIVETEAM to pull off this personal shoot and share their colorful vision of the moment. They took it down to the street once again to get the raw feeling of Los Angeles beauty. The City of Angels is always full of great opportunities, and MP Curtet knows how to bring it all to life in still and motion frames.

The beauty of Anna Tembo from @theindustryla and the strong styles by @sisterstyling really gave the images a powerful vibe. MP Curtet is represented in the US by B&A, in Europe by SEVERIN WENDELER and in France by Cream Paris. Follow Patrick Curtet on Instagram @mpcurtet.”
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PATRICK CURTET photographs the AUDI Q3 campaign for MTZH San Francisco and presents eye-catching photos plus the making-of video on GoSee

PATRICK CURTET presents his latest campaign including the making-of video here on GoSee for the AUDI Q3, a family SUV with many talents. The second generation of the Audi Q3 presents itself visually confident while offering plenty of space and several practical extras, according to Audi. The photos were created on commission for the agency MTZH.

“MTZH is a San Francisco-based agency and part of the VCCP Group known for creating inspiring social media campaigns. The agency teamed up with MP Curtet to develop these premium visuals for the latest Audi Q3 campaign. The Q3 is the first choice for drivers who want to leave all things dull and mundane behind and plunge into a life full of modern luxury and excitement. Shooting in a location with a level of creativity and sophistication befitting of an icon, they focused sharply on the cool and vibrant tones of the space to showcase the refined but colorful character of the Q3. Unique objects and stark contrasts were used to create the premium look & feel the Q3 deserves. Discover the visuals by MP Curtet and get a glimpse behind the scenes of the shoot here. Thanks to Lexi Alaga, in charge of production, as well as to creatives Taylor Dahl, Denison Kusano, and Trevor Larson for the wonderful collaboration. And, of course, to John Babor for organization on location.”
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