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featured by UPDATE-23-BERLIN : INKCORPORATED, the full-service agency for fashion & lifestyle presents the JOOP! S/S ‘23 campaign and looks forward to exciting contacts and new talent at UPDATE-23-BERLIN

INKCORPORATED has been a bastion for many years when it comes to high-end fashion & trendsetting lifestyle productions. Which is why we are all the more delighted that CEO Svenja Ratzel, who helms the the full-service agency together with Marc Wesinger, and Creative Director David Sondorfer are coming to UPDATE BERLIN where they will be on the lookout for new talent.

Svenja tells GoSee : “We support brands in terms of strategy and stylistics. Finding holistic and sustainable solutions in close cooperation with our clients is important to us. We offer our expertise in multifaceted disciplines, both online and off. Many years of experience in the area of brand strategy and motivation for new challenges are what make us who we are. We are a 30-member team of creatives, consultants, producers, bookers, copywriters and strategists, plus an international network of freelancers.”
The team is specialized in e-commerce, social media, editorial content, corporate publishing, brand consulting, corporate identity, editorial design and photo production, is equipped with an in-house studio, and also provides casting and public relations services. On the long list of clients, you’ll find, among others, JOOP!, MAC, CAMBIO, MAERZ, ETERNA, KUNERT & HUDSON, SANETTA, ZIEFLEKOCH, RR and DIGEL.

Here on GoSee, INKCORPORATED presents us the JOOP! SPRING/SUMMER ‘23 campaign photographed by Cyril Matter. Also on the team, alongside models Francisco Henriques, Ton Heukels, Paco Diouf, Kim Riekenberg and Maria Tomaszewska, were DOP Max Christmann, Lynn Schmidt and Dirk Kaprad for styling, Gregor Makris for beauty support, with post by GoSee Member RETUSH.

Serving as the perfect location was a swimming pool from the 1970s, which was designed by architect Alain Capeillères for his summer house in the Provence. Nestled between the hills and ocean, the breathtaking 25-meter pool is covered by more than 100,000 ceramic tiles.

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featured by JPPS Creative Productions : I LOVE NATURE – JPPS CREATIVE PRODUCTIONS produces for the CALIDA F/W 2020 campaign with photographer Cyrill Matter in Sweden

JPPS produced the latest F/W campaign for CALIDA on location in Sweden following an extensive round of scouting to find a location which underscores the brand’s strong stand on sustainability and eco-friendliness. The 100% natural and fully compostable I LOVE NATURE range was photographed by Cyrill Matter under the creative direction of Claudia Jäh. The team spent five days on location drawing inspiration from the destination’s beautiful, untouched nature, puristic architecture and that special nordic light.

With the I LOVE NATURE range, CALIDA has created a true innovation in the area of sustainability: the compostable range made from TENCEL® MICRO fibers. Natural, eco-friendly and functional. Soft against the skin, temperature-regulating, fast-drying and odor-minimizing. With the 100% NATURE collection, CALIDA presents a true innovation when it comes to sustainability: The first completely compostable products made from 100% cellulose material. With the Cradle to Cradle Certified™ 100 % NATURE collection, made from TENCEL™, Lyocell, CALIDA presents a real breakthrough in sustainability: the first fully biodegradable products with 100 % cellulose materials, manufactured in a closed, particularly energy-efficient cycle and sourced from sustainably managed forests. The collection is produced using 100 % Swiss-sourced, carbon-neutral biogas. GoSee :
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