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'Nasatyas' – a dance & film project by French Director CYRIL MASSON, filmed at the Andromeda Theater and appearing on NUMÉRO Netherlands or for you here on GoSee.NEWS

In Vedic mythology, the two Nasatyas are youthful twin gods. Their names are Dasra and Nasatya. They are inseparable twins and described as pretty youths with a golden shimmer. They are strong and fast like an eagle or a thought. They are benevolent and help those in despair, rescue those lost at sea and have healing powers. According to legend, they appear just before dawn, symbolizing the rising sun, to open a path to Usas, the goddess of dawn, and announce the beginning of a new day. This was the inspiration for the dance film presented here featuring dancers, choreographers and twins Stessy & Cindy Emelie.

Cyril Masson : “The choreography is a circle of life coming down on day one for the twin sisters. It begins with birth. They are just one, a living magma. They breathe, grow up, evolve together until the separation suddenly occurs. They are now two separate entities, and they start to discover their own bodies. But they continue to act and react in harmony, as a heritage of their previous life together. Their personalities are taking over, and they both exist in their own distinctive features : Cindy (bottom screen) is closer to the ground and connected to Earth, her moves correspond to a tribal dance.

When Stessy (top screen) has an ethereal evolution, she needs to distance herself from the twin condition which she sees as a straitjacket. She moves faster and faster until she breaks into a trance, losing herself, out of breath. At this point, Cindy is pulled back to her sister and catches her in her arms before she falls. And like this, they are back to harmony, made one again. As Nasatyas, they go back to sleep, waiting for the next day to come.”

Cyril Masson is a photographer and director who lives in Paris – when he is not busy capturing beautiful photos and moments all over the world and for his clients.

About – Andromeda Theater in the Italian mountain commune of Santo Stefano Quisquina is an extraordinary place. Thirty years ago, sculptor and farmer Lorenzo Reina built it, uniting his passion for art and nature. The Sicani Mountains are the home of sculptor and shepherd Lorenzo Reina and where his family farm is located on 300 acres of land. The Andromeda Theater is an open-air theater constructed on a hill. A stunning view of the surrounding landscape became the backdrop for the scene. 108 stones were placed corresponding to the stars in the constellation of Andromeda. When viewed from above, they form the shape of an eight-pointed star.

A tribute to the Andromeda myth and constellation, the theater amazes visitors. But besides the theater, plenty of Reina’s other sculptures are there which are equally amazing. They are installed around the theater and its surroundings. For the most part, they follow the mythological theme. Visitors can, for example, find a fragment depicting Icarus with fallen feathers. “The mask of the word”: pretty self-explanatory. There is even an octagonal museum, where Reina’s works are collected, which is a continuous work in progress.

GoSee : facebook.com/teatroandromedacyrilmasson.com

Written and directed by : Cyril Masson @_cyrilmasson
Starring : Stessy & Cindy Emelie @stessyncindy
Fashion Editor : @joysinanian
Director of Photography : @julienteissier
Steadicamer : @sachanaceri
Camera Assistant : @alixiamejean
Wardrobe Assistant : @its.pierregln
Location Manager : @pascal.resta
Editor : Cyril Masson
Color Grading : @made_with_amor
Music : @link_le_neil
Singer : @lydielapeste
Producer : @blackdeerprod & @creamparistv
Special Thanks : MUGLER @muglerofficial, KCD @kcdworldwide, VANTAGE @vantagefilmfrance, @timiletonja @wblanc @sihamgouymenaa @imfrijol @teatro_andromeda

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NEW at GoSee : CYRIL MASSON, photographer and director from Paris; we present you his FIFA 22 campaign featuring soccer superstar Kylian Mbappe

French soccer player Kylian Mbappé Lottin is a striker and is currently under contract with Paris Saint-Germain in Ligue 1. The player in the starting lineup of the French national team won the World Championship in 2018 at the age of nineteen and was also chosen as the best young player of the tournament. EA SPORTS writes : “Bondy’s wunderkind returns to the cover of FIFA 22 after another record season at PSG. Mbappé ended last season as the youngest player in Ligue 1 history to be chosen as the top scorer for the third consecutive time. This is our cover star.”

For the latest FIFA 22 campaign, the uber-soccer player was photographed by CYRIL MASSON for EA SPORTS. The executive agency was Cinco Design with CD Terence Hobson. Due to the player’s extremely tight schedule, they only had a very short window for the production, and that of all things on a cold and windy, rainy day. As it happens, Kylian and Cyril had already worked together successfully in the past so that their good chemistry helped deliver the desired result – despite adverse weather conditions.

For Cyril Masson, the shoot was very special : “When I was 25, I played FIFA a lot (still playing a bit but more kids to manage…), and I also got to shoot my first Nike campaign. Fun fact: The idea for the Nike photo shoot came to me because I was playing FIFA… Fifteen years and a lot of commercials for Nike and other sports brands later, the circle is complete with my very own cover for FIFA 22… and it couldn’t get any better than with Kylian !”

FIFA 22 is an upcoming soccer simulation video game, which will be published by Electronic Arts as the 29th part of the FIFA series on 1 October, 2021. EA SPORTS is a brand owned by American video game developer and manufacturer Electronic Arts. Under the brand name, EA publishes the sports simulations it develops, including the FIFA and Madden NFL series. The brand is considered the leading manufacturer of sports simulation video games for computers and game consoles.

Paris resident and multiple award-winner Cyril Masson was approached early in his career by well-known brands such as NIKE, with which he still cooperates to this day. His collaboration with NIKE, now spanning more than sixteen years, has helped him to hone his keen eye for skillfully combining the movement and beauty of exhilarating split-second moments. He has already conceived and photographed advertising campaigns for several global players such as Lacoste, Dior, Levi’s, Adidas, Perrier, Chanel, Tag Heuer, Samsung, etc. Besides photography, he is also passionate about film. Today, he works with creative agencies such as Publicis, BETC, Ogilvy, AKQA, and others, both as a photographer and director to create eye-catching images. GoSee : ea.comcyrilmasson.com

Brands : Nike / Adidas / Lacoste / Dior / Chanel / Lancôme / Levi’s / Google / Samsung / Tag Heuer / Paris 2024 / Off White / Jordan / Huawei / Guerlain / Perrier / Replay Jeans / Peugeot / Helena Rubinstein / L’Or Espresso / Le Coq Sportif / Garnier / Panasonic / Sanoflore / Vichy / Patagonia / BNP Paribas / Unilever / Playboy / Four Seasons / Mumm / Moet Henessy / Disney / Skyteam / Gili Lankanfushi / Bakker / HSBC / Société Générale / Canal + / Petrole Hahn / Tour de France / Unibet / Timberland / Episod / PSG ...

Advertising agencies :  TBWA / BUZZMAN / Publicis / AKQA / BETC / RGA / Willie Beamen / Leg / DDB / Prodigious / Gang Films / RITA Films / Duke / Auditoire / Saatchi & Saatchi / Ogilvy / MNSTR / Players / Fury …

Celebrities :  Michael Jordan / Buzz Aldrin / Kobe Bryant / Carl Lewis / Neymar / Virgil Abloh / Kylian MBappe / Kevin Durant / Cristiano Ronaldo / Novak Djokovic / Roger Federer / Nadal / Emily Ratajknowski / Bella Hadid / Ning Chang / Natasha Liu / Serena Williams / Alexander Zverev / Mariah Sharapova / Michael Johnson / Zlatan Ibrahimovic / Kyrie Irving / David Beckham / Laure Manaudou / Florent Manaudou / Gianluigi Buffon / Marquinhos / Edison Cavani / Presnel Kimpembe / Danny Alves / Thierry Henry / Ladji Doukouré / Reece Prescod / Vincent Clerc /  Kad Merad / Elsa Zilberstein / Caster Semenya / Marco Verratti / Harry Kane / Alice David / Kevin De Bruyne / Renaud Lavillenie / Raphael Varane / Greg Van der Wiel / Dan Carter / Rose Bertram / Thiago Silva / Javier Pastore / Sabrina Ouazani / Mamadou Sakho / Kevin Mayer / Mø / David Luiz / Gregory Dimitrov / Louise Trotter / Alexandre Vauthier / Ricardo Tisci / Winnie Harlow / Arnaud Assoumani / Elodie Clouvel / Clarisse Agbegnenou / Boris Diaw / Teddy Riner / Tony Parker / French Rugby Teams / French Handball Teams / French Football Teams / French Olympic Teams …

Client: EA Sports
Agency: Cinco Design
Photography: Cyril Masson @_cyrilmasson
Production Partners:
First Light Productions (NYC) / Nicole Hektner
360 Creative (Paris) / Flore Biet & Thibaut de Longeville
Styling: Victorian Mesenbrink & Joy Sinanian
Photo Assistants: Jérémy Josselin & Tanguy Ginter
Sports Choreography: Andy Ansah / Sports on Screen
Retouching: Happy Finish
Thanks to Kilian’s team / PSG / EA Sports

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