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featured by GoSee EVENT : BERLIN PHOTO WEEK 2021 invites visitors to exhibitions and talks at the R.A.W. area as well as further venues and galleries in Berlin and presents the winners of the EyeEm Awards as part of ‘Photographer’s Night’

From 26 August through 3 September, BERLIN PHOTO WEEK is taking place at Haubentaucher, Cassiopeia (R.A.W. area, Revaler Straße, in Berlin-Friedrichshain, one-day ticket: 15.00 EUR) as well as in further venues including Grisebach and Chaussee 36. Located in the heart of Berlin, Haubentaucher is the perfect synthesis of industrial architecture and modern event venue – all combined with an open-air lounge and a pool.

BERLIN PHOTO WEEK brings together creatives, artists, imaging professionals, photography enthusiasts with media companies and brands of the imaging industry, who see images as a key part of their corporate identity. At the event, you’ll meet Rolf Scheider, owner of Casting Company and GoSee correspondent, who will be there to document the highlights with his team.

There will be exhibitions, talks and panel discussions on relevant contemporary photography topics as well as the popular Funplace, where renowned players such as Sony, Panasonic, Leica, Nikon, WhiteWall etc. will present themselves.

A one-day ticket costs € 10 for early birds and gives visitors access not only to the central event venue Haubentaucher and the Montreux Jazz Festival exhibition by Michael Agel, presented by Leica and Whitewall in Cassiopeia, and the Bruce Gilden Show in Haubentaucher, but also to all keynotes of the BERLIN PHOTO WEEK conference.

The EyeEm Awards ceremony will take place on Saturday, 28 August, 2021, where in six categories, the best works of the photo community, comprised of 25 million members, will be awarded. Also, where the winner will receive the coveted EyeEm Photographer of the Year award. Afterwards, EyeEm and BERLIN PHOTO WEEK invite visitors to Photographer’s Night in Haubentaucher.

A complete program of all workshops and events is available here. On 3 September 2021, the last day of the BERLIN PHOTO WEEK, the exhibition ‘Frédéric Brenner – ZERHEILT’ is celebrating its opening at the Jewish Museum in Berlin. With his camera, internationally renowned photographer Frédéric Brenner has been focusing his gaze upon the diverse forms of Jewish life in the Diaspora as well as its representations for over 40 years.
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