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featured by GoSee ART : ‘METAMORPHIC SCULPTURES’ - multimedia artist DAN CARABAS presents NFTs you can touch in his art exhibition at Berlin’s Kühlhaus

Dan Carabas has brought together the physical and digital worlds in his art exhibition METAMORPHIC SCULPTURES, which took place at the end October at Kühlhaus Berlin – and more than 500 visitors attended the vernissage. 

In his exhibition METAMORPHIC SCULPTURES, Dan Carabas, who is represented by KRISTINA KORB, deals with the distortion and transformation of the human body. By means of Shibari, a Japanese art of tying and draping fabrics, Carabas creates a paradox: while the ropes restrict the movements of the human body, it is the ropes that give the fabric its own dynamism and three-dimensionality. By deliberately altering the body, the sculptures become dehumanized and appear to the viewer in a trance-like state. This process was captured in photographs as a physical work of art printed on wood, and the random grain of the wood gives each final work its uniqueness.

Printing on wood creates a work that cannot be copied due to the unique grain of the wooden panel. This physical work of art was captured photographically and created as an NFT, or non-fungible token, on a trading platform (known in the trade as minting). The digital NFT and the analog work have the same fine wood grain and can be matched. The NFT thus creates a transparent sales process that confirms ownership and authenticity.

The technology behind NFTs is versatile and offers unprecedented opportunities for artists and art collectors. For Dan Carabas, it is important that his exhibition is also technologically in tune with the zeitgeist, while at the same time, enabling analog art to be experienced in a physical space. Because, after all, art still needs a space in which it can have an effect.

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