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Berlin, Zurich
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news featured by Winteler Production WINTELER PRODUCTION produces the MERCEDES BENZ SOCIAL MEDIA campaign with photographer David Haase for EyeEm

With photographer David Haase and for the lead agency EyeEm, WINTELER PRODUCTION produced an extensive social media campaign for MERCEDES-BENZ, one of the most famous and popular car brands worldwide. EyeEm promises ‘authentic stock photos that make a statement’ and started out as a free online service for sharing photos.

In 2021, EyeEm is a global market place for high-quality stock photography and professional photo and video productions. The platform is supported by the patented AI-based Computer Vision software, which analyzes the content of an image automatically. The personalized aesthetics search of EyeEm enables companies to quickly and reliably find images which perfectly match their brand identity. The photos by millions of creative photographers who list their works on EyeEm have made the Berlin-based company home to some of the best photos in the world. The global network of EyeEm enables all companies to book photographers for high-quality photo and video productions at...

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