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Where are you B-boys? – we present you DAVID MAURER’s filmed portrait with B-boy REZA in the lead role

Breakdancing, breaking, B-boying, or B-girling, is a dance form that originally emerged on the street as part of the hip-hop movement among African-American youth in Manhattan and the southern Bronx in New York in the early 1970s. It is danced to pop, funk or hip-hop music, we learn on Wikipedia.

B-boying is everything I’ve got … On the integrative power of dancing, DAVID MAURER shot the film presented here with B-boy Reza, a member of the Funky Harlekinz crew founded in 2004. Reza came to Germany as a refugee at the age of nineteen, to the city of Giessen to be exact. It took him five years to speak the language fluently. A time in which B-boying kept him grounded. When he’s dancing, he can be himself, free at last, just Reza. We have the two-minute spot by Director David Maurer for you on GoSee.

David Maurer went into business for himself – following several and quite extensive travels – in 2008 as a photographer and director in the areas of transportation, people, architecture and landscape. He is commissioned by a continuously growing number of clients ever since.

GoSee : davidmaurer.com
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David MAURER photographed the strictly limited ABT RSQ8 Signature Edition for ABT Sportsline. Post production was also taken care of by David, and carbon rendering was in the hands of Jona Schick in-house.

The manufacturer tells us : “Ever since the 1950s, the name ABT and motorsport have been inextricably linked. Innovative strength, team spirit and an enthusiasm lived and breathed have enabled us to always drive at the cutting edge – and to surpass it now and then. The same goes for the RSQ8 Signature Edition, the world’s only racing utility vehicle, which is limited to only 96 unique cars. In it, our racing DNA lives on in its pure form. This can be seen, for instance, in a very special highlight which is absolutely one of a kind: A fragment of the oldest, still existing trophy ever won by ABT.”
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Unusual. Dreamlike. Passionate. The Ferrari F355 F1 Spider staged with modern flair by DAVID MAURER

Unusual. Dreamlike. Passionate. Fragments of a night melt into a kaleidoscope for the senses.

DAVID MAURER (styling: Jeanine Fettig, hair & makeup Simone Poettgen, models: Vivien Koch and Jakob c/o East West Models, editing: Noah Mittelstaedt, Nicklas Lotz, assistant: Jona Schick).

Spiders have always had a special place in Enzo Ferrari’s heart and later in the company itself. The inspiration behind every Ferrari Spider is a blend of sporty technology and the pleasure of driving an open car.
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