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About Diana Diederich

"Photography is not a job, in fact for me it's my greatest passion, it's inspiration and seduction, beauty and perfection. The possibility to create a very special moment between the model and the camera and let fashion, the brand, come alive, is absolutely unique."

After her academic studies of communications design and several years of work in the photo- and agency-scene, Diana Diederich now works as a fashion and advertising photographer in Hamburg, Germany.

Clients of Diana Diederich

Boecker • Daisy Magazine • Danle Ding • Dr. Rimpler Kosmetik • ElitePartner • ELLE China online • FACES Magazine •     FAULT Magazine • Finanzcheck • Gastro Consulting SKM • HashMAG • I Love you Magazine • JNC Magazine • KaboBags • Kaltblut Magazine • Men´s Health BEST FASHION • Maxi • Nao Fit • noma med • OE Magazine • ONE Magazine • Rewe • PAPERCUT Magazine • Sailfish • Saturn • Splendor Magazine • Tchibo • Togu • Tulpen Design ....