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featured by BOSCHtoBANRAP : ‘Fahrenheit’ – Something gloomy, mysterious and dark. But beautiful. Personal work by Ender SUENNI c/o BOSCHTOBANRAP

Berlin-based lifestyle photographer Ender SUENNI c/o BOSCHTOBANRAP photographed a feeling of longing for far-away places with inspiring and dynamic character in his ‘Fahrenheit’ spread. Together with model Daniel Spogter from Boss Models, the agency DISCO CREATIVES and stylist Peter Georgiades, Ender Suenni captured this stylistic and dreamy spread.
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‘Floors That Inspire You’ – DISCO CREATIVES produces the BELGOTEX campaign for the agency The New Order, Johannesburg

Made in Africa. Koos Groenewald photographed the new campaign for the client BELGOTEX on commission for the agency The New Order from Johannesburg, South Africa. Executive production company was DISCO CREATIVES with Executive Producer Candice Hatting and Producers Holli Bennett and Refiloe Gava.

Belgotex is a leading manufacturer of carpets and vinyl floors : “As a soft flooring specialist, we design, manufacture and distribute high-quality flooring solutions. Whether you’re looking for hard-wearing carpet tiles for your state-of-the-art office building, or something softer for your lounge, we offer products designed with modern living in mind. With durability, and timeless design at their core, our carpets help you create the right atmosphere in any context.”

About – Belgotex is Africa’s leading carpet and artificial grass manufacturer. As a soft flooring specialist, we design, make and distribute high-quality broadloom and modular carpets with custom solutions available to the commercial market. Our extensive product portfolio includes luxury and specialist vinyls and artificial grass. As a member of the multinational Belgotex International Group, with seven companies over four continents, we are proud to take Africa to the world. Our global footprint keeps us on the pulse of design, décor and lifestyle trends that enrich the brand experience we deliver on home soil.

GoSee :  belgotex.co.zadiscocreatives.co.za

Client: Belgotex
Agency: The New Order
Photography by: Koos Groenewald
Production Company: Disco Creatives
Executive Producer: Candice Hatting
Producer: Holli Bennett + Refiloe Gava
Stylist: Peter Georgiades
Stylist Assistant: Ane Strydom
MUA + Grooming: Suaad Jeppie
Digi Assist + Lighting: Franco Kellerman
Production Assist: Ash Moyo + Rowallan Vorster

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Let’s Dance – DISCO CREATIVES presents you the DISCO CASTING short film, produced by Disco Creatives, co-directed by Pammi-Joy Oppenheimer & Jana & Koos

We are living here. We are living now. As casting directors, DISCO CREATIVES present you with this film a fantasy version of how a story can be told. For the film, they reinvented the jobs for which they were asked to cast and reinterpreted them full of imagination.

Disco Creatives : “We thought up roles that these characters would play in our ideal world. The idea was to grasp ourselves as an audience, to let go and find out who we are. Because films ultimately show us how we see the world.”

Good casting direction presents the unexpected and makes it work. A large part of the magic behind this very special craft comes from lucky coincidences, surprises, nonsense – always in combination with experience, professionalism and hard work.

The imperfections, the intimate off-screen moments before and between a session, the mistakes and flaws – are all things in the end that make the work feel alive : “Enter… Peter and the Wolf, the soundtrack for the film, which we arrived at as one of these ‘lucky’ strokes as incongruence became harmonious precisely because of its independence from the imagery, sailing over the scenes like the narration of a dream. Independent but together. Different and the same. We are never more together than when we celebrate our differences. In casting, our world is a theatre of the unseen. We live behind the curtain. This is a celebration of the casting arena in all of its intimate awkwardness, secrecy and flashes of flamboyance, where we delight in the unruliness of human beings. Let’s Dance.”

GoSee : discocreatives.co.za

Short Film For Disco Casting, Production by Disco Creatives
Executive Producer – Candice Hatting
Creative Direction & Stills – Jana Hamman & Koos Groenewald
Co-Directed by – Pammi-Joy Oppenheimer & Jana & Koos
Producer – Holli Bennett
Production Co-Ordination – Chiara Paton
DOP – Fabian Vettiger
Production Assistant – Kira Gimpel
Focus Puller – Khalied Manuel
Lighting – Rob Wisniewski
Spark – John Ndakama Lukikau
Costume Design & Styling – Leanie van de Vyver & Elaine du Pleases
Hair & Make-up – Gareth Coleman
Art Department – Keren Setton
Edit – Xander Vander – Strangelove studios
Color – Nic Apostoli – Strangelove studios
Sound Design – Markus Wormstorm Biblo

Featuring models from:
@littlecharmerssa & M People

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