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featured by KRISTINA KORB GMBH : Kids specialist Sabine DUERICHEN c/o KRISTINA KORB photographs the high-quality winter looks for LOROSO Germany Luxury Kidswear

Sabine Duerichen c/o KRISTINA KORB photographed the Fall/Winter ‘21 Girls Collection from Loroso Germany Luxury Kidswear. The photos exude a feel-good elegance. The kids are playful, confident and uber-stylish in their surroundings. LOROSO is a German fashion label for high-quality kidswear. LOROSO is positioned in the upper premium segment.

The collection is comprised of around 20 carefully curated models for girls aged three to fourteen. Each model is adorned by exquisite handcrafted details. This interplay intertwines impeccable craftsmanship and elegance. The items of clothing are created with skin-friendly natural materials and accompany the children in great comfort throughout their day. The models are suitable just as much for special occasions as for every day.

The complete line is exclusively made by clothing manufacturers in Portugal, using only ethically produced, eco-friendly fabrics from local companies. This is how the label founders back their claim of applying the highest possible quality standards throughout the entire production cycle. Styling was taken care of by Lisa Maas, with hair & make-up by Michaela Kreta. GoSee :
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