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Uwe Duettmann

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D-Land, Hamburg
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news More than 100 nations. 1 team. – UWE DUETTMANN photographs for McDONALD’S Germany

The McDonald’s Corporation, founded in 1940 in California by brothers Richard and Maurice McDonald, is an American operator and franchisor of branch fast-food restaurants worldwide and is the world’s largest fast-food restaurant chain by revenue. With a turnover of 20.8 billion US dollars and a profit of 5.8 billion dollars, McDonald’s was ranked 209th among the world’s largest companies in 2020 according to Forbes Global 2000.

For McDonald’s Germany, UWE DUETTMANN photographed on the streets of Berlin.

McDonald’s currently operates restaurants in 120 countries. Of the approximately 36,800 restaurants, around 31,230 are operated by franchisees and 5,699 by McDonald’s as the company’s own restaurants. 1.8 million people are employed worldwide by the McDonald’s Corporation or one of its franchisees, approx. 60,000 of which in Germany.

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