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NOTE: Our lovely Alicia Francke from East West joining this project!
NEWS // 07.04.2022 // ‘Nature Meets Technology’ MARCUS PHILIPP SAUER presents a personal project with side shots of his Audi RS7 production with model Claudio Breitscheidel
// Innovative technology meets intuitive dynamics – that’s what the modern and sleek AUDI RS7 stands for. Created during a production with the AUDI Sportback were a few meditative side shots with male EAST WEST model Claudio Breitscheidel, which Marcus Philipp Sauer presents us here on GoSee.There’’s more on his website and on GoSee NEWS.…
NEWS // 03.02.2022 // Out Now : Photographer duo from WE! shoot it, Michael Compensis & Thomas von Salomon, represented by KELLY KELLERHOFF REPRESENTS!, photograph the Peugeot e-208
// As of recently, PEUGEOT has been offering a fully-electric model of the compact car presented in 2019 by the name of e-208. The four-door electric vehicle is definitely at home in the city, so what could be more natural than to stage the car downtown. Precisely what the duo WE! shoot it, Michael Compensis and Thomas von Salomon had in mind. The Frankfurt banking district became their stage – exuding international big city flair right in the middle of Germany.Posing for the lenses of the tw…
NEWS // 08.12.2021 // WE! SHOOT IT, Michael Compensis & Thomas von Salomon, photograph the fully electric PEUGEOT E-208 – a revolution when it comes to mobility with an irresistible design
// Under the name of e-208, PEUGEOT offers a fully electric variant of the compact car launched in 2019. The PEUGEOT 208 demonstrates its youthful character with a sporty silhouette and an interior equipped with the brand new PEUGEOT 3D i-Cockpit®. The four-door electric vehicle is definitely at home in the city, so it was only natural to stage the small car downtown – according to WE! shoot it, Michael Compensis and Thomas von Salomon, c/o KELLY KELLERHOFF. Their stage for it all was the…
NEWS // 06.06.2021 // ‘Body Vibes’ - SALLYHATESWING photographs an editorial on the topic of ‘Body Positivity’
// Together with a team made up of only women, Sallyhateswing dealt with the topic of ‘Body Positivity’. The editorial is a declaration of love to the female figure in all its curvy splendor.Models Ines (the Cologne native was the winner of the last Curvy Supermodel competition in 2018) and Katharina c/o EASTWEST already attempted to raise public awareness of the topic several years ago when they finished among the best on the Curvy Supermodel show. Hair & make-up : Melanie Bulu and…
NEWS // 09.02.2022 // ‘JD3’ – DAVID MAURER presents you his new photo & film project with the electric car VW ID.3 in the lead role – raw and straight out of the camera
// Unadulterated and authentic – is precisely how photographer, director and, not lastly, transportation specialist DAVID MAURER approaches his newest photo and video project with the fully electric VW ID.3 : Raw and straight out of the camera. No retouching, no look and no corrections. Photo and videography at its purest, focussed on the essential.A very beautiful performance also on the part of model Jade c/o EAST WEST MODELS with her wonderful lip sync. Hair & make-up: Simone P&ou…
NOTE: ALEXANDRA HOCHGUERTEL FOR GRAZIA UK MAY 16 Photographer: David Oldham Styling: Rose Harriet Beer Makeup: Polly Osmond Model: Alexandra HOCHGUERTEL c/o East West Models