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‘Dream & Sensuality’ – personal work by JANA EDISONGA in photo and film

The spread presented here by photographer and director JANA EDISONGA is all about dreamlike sensations, about sensuality, and all the things which we sense more than we can grasp or comprehend. It is about the never-ending interplay of light and darkness, about the shadows and the sparkle that surrounds us all.

It is about light shapes, about color in movement, about layering textures. For the spread, she staged model Tyneisha, and hair & make-up artist was Astrid Scheppan. The music for the film came from Lorina Speder, and casting was in the hands of the one and only Tamara Sarischwili. Find more works by Jana Edisonga on her website.

GoSee : edisonga.de
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JANA EDISONGA in charge of photography & directing for the ‘Ready to Shine’ campaign of MEYER BURGER, premium brand for solar modules, for Jung von Matt / Spree

From technology and machine suppliers for the solar industry to premium manufacturers of solar modules Made in Germany. For this transformation, the solar specialist got backup from lead agency Jung von Matt / Spree. Meyer Burger is on its way to becoming a premium brand, to impress both B2C and B2B clients alike and set new standards in the solar industry.

The latest campaign puts the power of the sun front and center. Booked for it was Jana Edisonga, photographer and director from the area of fashion, who is known for her virtuosic use of light. “I photographed the stills and directed. It was a wonderful and challenging project because it was, of course, all about light, light, light – and how we could weave these solar allegories into our scenes in the most beautiful way.”

“With ‘Ready to Shine’, we have created a communication platform for international use, which not only promises a special brand experience but also equally appeals to B2C and B2B clients,” says Jan Harbeck, Creative Manager of Jung von Matt SPREE. “But much more importantly : The platform gives us a creative playground on which we can tell emotionalizing stories which will help us to distinguish Meyer Burger as a premium brand.”

Responsibility for production was in the hands of Blue Bunny Production, and animation was taken care of by Sehsucht, with music composed by Sizzer. The campaign targeted at consumers can be seen across ten European markets and contains several online measures besides the main film.
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KÄRCHER SMART CONTROL APP campaign – strong, smart, reliable. Directed and photographed from a single source by JANA EDISONGA for Antoni Berlin

KÄRCHER presents the first pressure washer series with app control. “No matter what you want to clean, the smart application advisor will show you the right setting and transfer it from your smartphone directly to your Kärcher. With always the right pressure, always the right accessories – for optimal cleaning results and a superior cleaning experience,” that’s the promise.

JANA EDISONGA was in charge of the hybrid production – meaning film and stills from a single source – for Antoni Berlin. “Creation came up with a multiplier effect, which posed an interesting challenge with regard to choreography and subsequent post production of the film,” as Jana Edisonga tells GoSee.

Also on the team were DOP Sebastian Lempe and the one and only Tamara Sarischwili for production/casting, with editing by Alex Murygin, VFX by Christian Pundschus, color grading by Stefan King, styling by Alexandra HECKEL c/o LIGANORD, and hair & make-up by Anne Krarup.

GoSee : kaercher.com////kaercher-appsedisonga.de
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