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Holger Pooten Vita
Holger was born in the small town of Geldern in 1974. After finishing school it was clear for him that he wanted to become a photographer and began studying photography a the prestigious Fachhochschule in Bielefeld in 1996. In 1998 he moved to Hamburg and was awarded the Agfa Talents Award. In 2000 he won one of the most important awards for young photographers in Germany, the Reinhard Wolf Preis. In 2001 his work was awarded with a Hasselblad sponsorship. In 2001 he finished his studies and started working as a freelance photographer shortly after. Since 2006 Holger is living and working in London, but can be booked ex Hamburg. Holger's photography style is characterized by it's strong conceptual approach and his extraordinary lighting skills. Nothing in his images is accidental. He stages and composes his images very carefully. He is fascinated by surrealism and likes to incorporate such influences in his images.His clients include Adidas, Intel, Nike, Odlo, Orange, Panasonic, Ringier, Intersection, Neo 2, Sleek, Vogue and many more.