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'The Other Face of Iran' - Exhibition by Forough Alaei at PHOTOBASTEI ZURICH
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Forough Alaei, born in Tehran in 1989, portrays the young, urban generation in Iran in her photos. The generation that didn't experience either the revolution or the Iran-Iraq war and just want to live as freely and normally as young people in the West do: get an education, work and earn money, start a family. They are the advocates of gender equality, dancing at parties, skiing, listening to rock music, drinking and being fashionable like western youth. Unemployment in Iran is high - especially among young people, who are on average very well educated. Forough Alaei's photos capture moments of joy, lightheartedness and happiness from young adults and families bound by hope for a better future in their country.

The exhibition is organized by the association The Other View, the photographer will be present at the vernissage on October 27th, 2022. More information at www.derandereblick.ch

'The Other Face of Iran'  27.10.22 - 13.11.22
Photobastei, Sihlquai 125, CH-8005 Zürich

IMAGE // 'The Other Face of Iran' by Forough Alaei
IMAGE // 'The Other Face of Iran' by Forough Alaei