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Blog: Maison Begüm Khan X La Chambre

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Founded in 2012 in Istanbul by Begüm Kiroglu, Maison Begüm Khan offers jewelry-works of art that accompany powerful and confident women in their conquest of the world. Begüm Khan will install it’s pop-up at La Chambre from February 25 to March 7. 

“For me, the design journey always starts with an artistic need. I am constantly hunting for beauty and when I can’t find what I am dreaming of, I start making it. I learned art shouldn’t be limited to precious porcelain hidden behind glass. Art was part of our daily life, and I see it as a way of living.” Designer BEGÜM KIROĞLU.

As a child, she explored the ancient alleyways and hidden nooks of cities her family visited in search of antique treasures and Istanbul’s labyrinthines became her playground. She began her studies at Bocconi University before moving to Shanghai, where she completed a masters degree in Chinese culture and art. This passion for creativity drew Begüm further East, along the historic Silk Road, to Shanghai, where she completed a masters degree in Chinese culture and art. Inspired by the rich heritage and future promise of these two modern-day style capitals, the Begüm Khan brand was born.

A cocktail will be hosted on Tuesday, February 27, by invitation only.

Facing the Tuileries Gardens LA CHAMBRE is the new Parisian Concept Store dedicated to the new generation of sustainable and cutting-edge brands.

La Chambre – 5 rue Rouget de Lisle – 75001 Paris @lachambre.paris & begumkhan.com

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