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'The Other Face of Iran' - Exhibition by Forough Alaei at PHOTOBASTEI ZURICH
Forough Alaei, born in Tehran in 1989, portrays the young, urban generation in Iran in her photos. The generation that didn't experience either the revolution or the Iran-Iraq war and just want to live as freely and normally as young people in the West do: get an education, work and earn money, start a family. They are the advocates of gender equality, dancing at parties, skiing, listening to rock music, drinking and being fashionable like western youth. Unemployment in Iran is high - especially among young people, who are on average very well educated. Forough Alaei's photos capture moments of joy, lightheartedness and happiness from young adults and families bound by hope for a better future in their country.

The exhibition is organized by the association The Other View, the photographer will be present at the vernissage on October 27th, 2022. More information at www.derandereblick.ch

'The Other Face of Iran'  27.10.22 - 13.11.22
Photobastei, Sihlquai 125, CH-8005 Zürich

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IMAGE // 'The Other Face of Iran' by Forough Alaei
IMAGE // 'The Other Face of Iran' by Forough Alaei

EMPOWERMENT and WE ARE – because yes, we want all people to have the same rights and opportunities !
In many areas of social life, women are still marginalized and disadvantaged – in the professional world as well as in private environments. For this reason, the exhibition WE ARE – Feminism Belongs to Us All, together with the participants and project partners, is taking a stand against inequality and discrimination, and in favor of equality and self-determination.

The exhibition project opens new dimensions and explores questions in a variety of ways: What are the different perspectives represented in Wolfsburg and beyond on the topics of feminism, empowerment and intersectionality? In which ways can we deal with stereotypes and prejudices with regard to gender roles? How do people with very different biographies address feminist issues? The starting point of these questions are the biographical backgrounds as well as the artistic work methods of the persons involved.

he exhibition as an event becomes a platform for participation and dialogue where the stakeholders present their personal perspectives, and the different topics are negotiated and discussed.

The exhibition WE ARE – Feminism Belongs to Us All is taking place as a collaborative project and within the context of the comprehensive global overview exhibition Empowerment of the Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg.

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Next week on the 8th of July in the Leica Gallery Düsseldorf. Meet photographer ESTHER HAASE : "I’m so excited to show you my exhibition and have some chats and drinks with you! Thank you for everything to Gallery owner Ulla Born, the whole Leica Team and curator Sebastian Lux Stiftung F.C. Gundlach! And for everyone who can’t come this Thursday but wants to see my exhibition MOVE: You still have the chance until the 24th of July."

About the exhibition: The Leica Gallery Düsseldorf presents the exhibition "MOVE!" by Esther Haase until 24 July. Visitors will have the opportunity to experience the impressive works of Esther Haase, featuring photographs that she considers among her "favourites". Among these is the series "Je t'aime", photographed especially for S Magazine with the Leica S, as well as completely new pieces that have not been exhibited before. The photographer's three most frequent exclamations - "Move!", "Hold it!" and "I love it!" - guide visitors through the exhibition.

​In compliance with the current Corona guidelines, the exhibition "MOVE!" by Esther Haase can be visited Monday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., at the Leica Galerie Düsseldorf in the KÖ Galerie (Königsallee 60). Admission is free. In addition, those interested in a guided tour of the exhibition can contact the gallerist Ulla Born for an appointment at Ulla.Born@leica-camera.com © // 1 file show complete blog