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Maison Begüm Khan X La Chambre
Founded in 2012 in Istanbul by Begüm Kiroglu, Maison Begüm Khan offers jewelry-works of art that accompany powerful and confident women in their conquest of the world. Begüm Khan will install it’s pop-up at La Chambre from February 25 to March 7. 

“For me, the design journey always starts with an artistic need. I am constantly hunting for beauty and when I can’t find what I am dreaming of, I start making it. I learned art shouldn’t be limited to precious porcelain hidden behind glass. Art was part of our daily life, and I see it as a way of living.” Designer BEGÜM KIROĞLU.

As a child, she explored the ancient alleyways and hidden nooks of cities her family visited in search of antique treasures and Istanbul’s labyrinthines became her playground. She began her studies at Bocconi University before moving to Shanghai, where she completed a masters degree in Chinese culture and art. This passion for creativity drew Begüm further East, along the historic Silk Road, to Shanghai, where she completed a masters degree in Chinese culture and art. Inspired by the rich heritage and future promise of these two modern-day style capitals, the Begüm Khan brand was born.

A cocktail will be hosted on Tuesday, February 27, by invitation only.

Facing the Tuileries Gardens LA CHAMBRE is the new Parisian Concept Store dedicated to the new generation of sustainable and cutting-edge brands.

La Chambre – 5 rue Rouget de Lisle – 75001 Paris @lachambre.paris & begumkhan.com
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An Evening with Gerrit Rietveld, Dutch designer and architect, joint initiative with Spectrum
Gerrit Rietveld (Utrecht June 24, 1888 - June 25, 1964) learned the craft of furniture making at an early age in his father's workshop. He later became an apprentice architect and came into contact with members of the De Stijl art movement. Rietveld develops into a versatile artist with a strong vision; his architecture and furniture designs become world famous. His Red-Blue Chair, Zig-Zag Chair, the Crate Furniture and the Press Room Chair are now true design classics that are impossible to imagine museums and modern interiors without. Almost every Rietveld design has a special story attached to it. Mr. Titus Darley tells the stories behind Rietveld's design classics. Titus Darley, is founder of RSGA Design also a passionate collector of design furniture. In his lecture he will show how Gerrit Rietveld as the son of a carpenter developed into the most famous architect of The Netherlands from the last century. Titus Darley shows several exceptional houses and furniture and tells about the relationship between Rietveld and his muse Truus Schröder whose commission for a new house made his international breakthrough was possible.

The Press Room Chair was designed by Gerrit Rietveld in 1958 for the UNESCO building in Paris. Rietveld designed the armchair as a comfortable lounge chair at the reading table for journalists in the press room. However, due to the tight budget and limited time, the design was not executed and Rietveld was forced to replace them with furniture he had made earlier that year for the World's Fair in Brussels. Fortunately, the original designs, drawings and models were preserved, allowing the Press Room Chair to be released in 2014.

Rietveld's handwriting is clearly recognizable in the clear lines of the Press Room Chair. The angle at which the seat and back are placed, combined with the high-looking armrests, Rietveld also applied in his famous Red and Blue Chair. The armchair can be upholstered in a variety of fabrics and leathers. The special finish with the double stitching accentuates the armchair's clean, clear tessellation. For the armrests, you can choose from oak, stained natural or black, or American walnut. The swivel base is available in matte black or stainless steel and features a return mechanism, so the Press Room Chair always rotates back to its original position. To protect the floor, the swivel base features harness leather foot straps in medium brown, dark brown or black. Although the armchair is the perfect place for relaxation, Rietveld believed that a chair was not necessarily meant for resting in. On the bottom of each Press Room Chair, therefore, is a poem by the German poet Morgenstern, perfectly expressing this idea.

ark38 by Sterck is a new design haven in Belgium that curates design for curious and creative minds. It is part of the Sterck family and can bank on the many years of experience of the passionate Sterck team. The headquarters of this specialist in qualitative and bespoke bathrooms and kitchens is situated next to ark38. The showroom is housed in a former factory reconversed by Object Architecten. Against the tide, we opt for strong, often lesser known design-items. An eclectic, yet pure and understated mix of old masters and contemporary designers with a focus on stunning materials and an exceptional finish. Design that engages in dialogue with the interior, the architecture and the surroundings. Timeless design to cherish and to pass on to the next generation. For architects, interior designers and design lovers, ark38 is the place par excellence to find inspiration, brainstorm and elaborate a new project.

An Evening with Gerrit Rietveld - Dutch designer and architect
Joint initiative with Spectrum
22 June 2023, Thursday
18:00 doors
19:00 lecture
20:00 drinks
21:00 end

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IMAGE // GOSEE EVENT : Welcome at An Evening with Gerrit Rietveld - 22 June 2023

Welcome to LA CHAMBRE - The new Parisian concept-store
Between the boisterous rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré and the Jardins des Tuileries, at the corner of the discreet rue du Mont Thabor, the new La Chambre concept store has moved into the walls of the former Maria Luisa boutique at 5 rue Rouget de Lisle, in the first arrondissement.

On 150 m2, La Chambre is inspired by a department store. The brands curated by Elena Feit, who is also artistic director and founder of The Ethiquette brand, each express themselves in their own Corner. La Chambre is the ideal place for anyone looking for a cutting-edge, feminine curation.

Including tailoring by Pallas, made-in-France by Maison Cleo, Prêt-à-Couture by The Ethiquette, upcycling by Françoise, vintage pieces by Bygone Days, unique furnitures by Treaptyque and lucky jewelry by Hypso... The new concept store also features a clothing and accessories rental space with Prête, as well as a cosmetics corner with Le Rouge Français.

Located in the heart of the capital, La Chambre is in tune with the times, making it an essential destination to discover pieces by emerging and heritage French brands, both sustainable and exclusive.

MaisonCléo, Maitrepierre, Pallas, Françoise, Bygone Days, The Ethiquette, Bourrienne, Les Inconnus, Treatptyque, Hypso, Vintage Operandi, Nina Zamzem, Vaincourt, Mazarin, Rescha, Prête, Chamberlan, Le Rouge Français, Petitjean, .... 

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IMAGE // GOSEE EVENT - Concept store La Chambre opens in Paris