featured by Felix Eisenmeier : KUNE – personal work by photographer FELIX EISENMEIER

True friendship has many facets. It’s not only the good memories that connect us. It’s everything that we share. We’re either laughing or we’re crying, but we also share the quiet moments just as much as TLC, or each and every adventure. All these things strengthen our bonds.

“KUNE is the Esperanto word for ‘together’. It sums up what happens in a friendship – we are together.” FELIX EISENMEIER tells us about the motivation behind his colorful personal work.

Esperanto is the most widely spread planned language. Its fundamentals, still applicable to this day, were published as an international language in 1887 by ophthalmologist Ludwik Lejzer Zamenhof, whose pseudonym Doktoro Esperanto, or Doctor Hopeful, became the name of the language.

The project was realized in cooperation with Everyday Productions and Vincent Kleemann. The set was contributed by Deborah Dixkens c/o Ligawest.

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