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4F X Beijing 2022 Olympic collection – high-tech sportswear photographed by PAWEL FABJANSKI in Iceland

In several East European countries, it has already been celebrated for years. The Polish brand 4F offers sportswear and athleisure apparel for every kind of activity. Developed by athletes for athletes, the focus is on improved performance and the fun of training. The Olympic collection – a modern symbiosis of fashion & function – was photographed by PAWEL FABJANSKI in Iceland.

Pawel tells GoSee about the production : “The shoot took place in Iceland. Incredible light, low-hanging sun, vast open spaces and a blue & white color palette are the ingredients with which we conjured up breathtaking photos. The Olympic collection was inspired by associations with a winter expedition, ice, the Arctic, as well as extreme weather conditions and futuristic visions of the world in the face of global warming. Hence our proposal of a color palette based on pure white, ice blue (Arctic blue) and sea navy blue, which strongly emphasizes the national shade of red in details,” Wojciech Harus, Head Designer of the 4F Olympic collections, tells us about the creative process.

“One third of the collection consists of materials obtained from recycling. Used for example in the items of clothing were processed coffee beans and processed consumer waste. The tracksuits representing the Polish Olympic Committee were made of a material with 36% of its fibers from recycling. Due to its structure, this material is very flexible and resistant to damage. It was also used to create functional shorts and parts of a hybrid jacket.”

In 2008, 4F began the cooperation with the Polish Olympic Committee and has represented seven international teams since. Each collection is designed in a two-year process by a team of specialized sportswear designers using special technologies.
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Polish singer LASS photographed using cutting-edge LIDAR technology by PAWEL FABJANSKI for WhiteMad magazine

Pawel FABJANSKI has once again broken the mold of photography, showing us together with singer LASS in front of the camera how music, fashion and digital technologies can inspire one another to create something completely new and unexpected. The photos were created with the help of LIDAR technology, a type of three-dimensional laser scanning technology. The spread was published in WHITEMAD magazine #15.

“This photo series is for promotional material accompanying the album LOVEHOLIC*, which LASS released at the end of 2021. The concept for the shoot is extremely minimalist – only the singer stood in front of the camera, surrounded by small set design elements, illuminated by natural light coming through the huge loft window of the studio. The final result, however, is not only a photographic work. Paweł Fabjański loves to experiment, to digitally process photos. Which is why, this time, he decided to use the LIDAR scanning technology, depth maps extracted from iPhone photos, and graphic processing with the Unreal Engine.

The series is inspired by the musical fascinations of LASS – combining analogue and digital sounds as well as mixing instruments. The album LOVEHOLIC* is difficult to classify, to assign to a specific genre of music, which can also be said about the images used to promote this album. Vocals are blended here with electronic sounds, and in the visual layer, analogue photography meets the latest technological toys.

Elements of fashion, portrait and editorial photography are combined to create a progressive artistic cocktail. Visual eclecticism is also underscored by the fashion elements selected to style LASS: classics from Prada and Dior as well as futuristic suits from the Polish super brand MISBHV.”

With a long list of international clients, brands and prestigious magazines, Pawel Fabjanski’s main focus is on the thin line that bridges art and commerce.   //    His deep knowledge of the production process and honed skills in visually directing photography projects are meanwhile legendary. Yet in each of his myriad projects, aesthetics and the concept have always come first.   //    Pawel’s artistic craft and photographic expertise are recognized around the world by the creative industry and art lovers alike. His commercial and personal projects have been honored with a number of coveted awards, and his works have been exhibited at photography festivals and galleries, both in Poland and internationally.   //   A successful commercial photographer, Pawel is also a lecturer at the renowned Polish National Film School in Lodz. His firm belief is that, by sharing one’s creative methods, one can have a small share in the growth of global creativity.
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The first 4F collection by soccer star ROBERT LEWANDOWSKI – photographed by PAWEL FABJANSKI for Stor9

Every move builds your story. Unique collections serve as the basis for the x RL9 cooperations. Menswear of premium quality combined with technologies known from performance clothing stand for comfort across the board.

PAWEL FABJANSKI photographed the 4F ROBERT LEWANDOWSKI campaign in Munich with Monika Ryszard Czesak, Creative Director at 4F. The executive agency was Stor9 from Warsaw with CEO Anna Zielińska.

Robert Lewandowski is a Polish soccer player. The striker has been under contract with FC Bayern Munich since 2014 and has been the Captain of the Polish national soccer team, as well as its record-breaking player and top scorer, since that same year. Lewandowski is considered one of the best strikers of his generation.

The 4FxRL9 collection is the result of a cooperation between 4F and one of today’s best soccer players on the world, Robert Lewandowski, with the claim : “Every move builds your story.” For the cooperation, Robert, who is also one of the most popular soccer stars in the world, designed his own trainingwear collection. The slogan of the campaign is also its main message, which makes quite clear that there are no shortcuts – not in training and not in life. Robert Lewandowski confirms that his success is the sum of several little steps – and each one counts.

In 2008, 4F began its cooperation with the Polish Olympic committee, and seven international teams have been represented ever since. The following countries are outfitted by 4F : Poland, Serbia, Croatia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Greece and Macedonia. Each collection is designed by a team of specialized sportswear designers and technologists in a two-year process. The brand has already clothed athletes for the Summer and Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, London, Sotschi, Rio de Janeiro, and Pyeongchang.

GoSee : 4fstore.comfabjanski.com
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