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featured by GoSee ADVERTISING : ‘Make It Real’ - the new BMW iX2 lets influencer Lil’ Miquela flex her digital senses and experience the joy of driving

BMW presents its first all-electric model of the X2 Series, the iX2 – letting virtual influencer Lil’ Miquela flex her digital senses and experience the joy of driving. The immensely popular virtual influencer, with 2.7 million Instagram followers, is the star of this campaign all about the beauty of real life.

The first full reveal of the iX2 took place in the metaverse/Fortnite. This laid the foundation for a campaign with a digital focus. Its approach consists of connecting the digital world with the real world in order to reach younger target groups and create a positive attitude toward our digital realities.

To capture an emotionally and visually striking story, BMW’s agency partner Media.Monks, which is part of The Marcom Engine, teamed up with renowned Director Stefanie Soho from BWGTBLD. Stefanie Soho tells us: “Super proud of this one – new work for @bmw feat. @lilmiquela (the sweetest and most talented). No DC needed because of the coolest clients and an agency dream team. Thank you so much for trusting us!”

Mario Zaradic (Media.Monks) was the Creative Director of the project. Together, they have created a film with an unusual existential tone. Serious yet sweet, we see Lil’ Miquela enter the real world with the new BMW iX2 while falling in love, step by step, with human existence – bringing the campaign back full circle to the brand vision of ‘Freude Forever’.

Christina von Jakubowski, Campaign Lead iX2/X2 BMW : “There is no here and there. Everything is connected. After all, reality is the most beautiful world to live in, and it is up to us to keep it that way. Make it real.”

Stefan Ponikva, Vice President of BMW Brand Communication and Experience: “People have been creating emotions and personal memories in BMWs for more than 100 years. The world and the industry are changing rapidly; digitalization and electrification are finding their way, not only into the product, but also into marketing. This is important progress, and in the future, vehicles will continue to move real people through real worlds – and now even virtual worlds. We put this concept of building bridges at the core of our BMW iX2 campaign – with a result that touches hearts.”

Patrick Klebba, Executive Creative Director at Media.Monks: “Amid all the Web 3.0, metaverse, and artificial intelligence push of the past two years, this crafty piece of storytelling is about real life. Now Lil’ Miquela reminds us of what we have and how beautiful it is, and how lucky we are to have it – this is what we want people to feel.”

The global ‘Make It Real’ campaign was launched in the core markets of BMW across EMEA, APAC and the United States. It has been created in collaboration with BWGTBLD, Rohtau, GoSee Member RECOM, and with photography by Chris Nolte-Kuhlmann.

Client: BMW Group
Head of BMW Content Creation and Production: Max Bauer

Campaign Lead iX2/X2 BMW: Christina von Jakubowski
Project Lead Film BMW: Daniela Sykes
Project Lead Artwork BMW: Lisa Schmack
Head of Content, Digital and Editorial Marketing BMW: Fabio Olivotti
Agency: The Marcom Engine
Account: Susanne Schwermer, Nicole Niemann
Executive Creative Director: Patrick Klebba, Christof Deutscher
Creative Director & Project Lead: Mario Zaradic
Strategy Director: Santiago Ramirez
Art Director: Tomic Lee, Moe Qubia, Junggle Kim
Copywriter: Oliver Schnitzer, Poppy Kilby-Tyre
Executive Producer: Patrick Cahill
Agency Producer Film: Alexandra Kaessler
Agency Producer Artwork: Max Huber

Production Film: BWGTBLD
Executive Producer: Julian Holland
Director: Stefanie Soho
Director of Photography: Oliver Millar
Music: Hugo Dubery and Gustav Karlström
Editing: Nik Kohler
Grading: Mikey Rossiter / Rare Medium New York
Line Producer: Tom Erhard
Post Producer: Claudia Reissen, Victor de Castillo
Service Production Company: Bas Films

Post Production: Rohtau London
Creative Director VFX: Jordi Bares
VFX Supervisor: Josh King
VFX Producer: Romilly Endacott

Production Artwork: Media.Monks
Producer: Max Huber, Jack Daniel-Dempsey
Photographer: Chris Noltekuhlmann
Photo Assistant: Florian Brandl
Post Production: Recom
Post Production Artist: Pepe Alram, Daniel Seiler, Katharina Löffler
Post Production Supervisor: Lars Wittmak
Service Production Company: FALCA

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FALCA in charge of production for the extravagant luxury SUV BMW / XM shoot with photographer Agnieszka Doroszewicz for BMW and The Game

Exclusive, expressive, electrified : The first-ever BMW XM combines impressive presence with the high performance of a BMW M and powerful plug-in hybrid technology of the latest generation. Agnieszka Doroszewicz staged the luxury SUV in an elaborate shoot, and FALCA was in charge of production.

Supervising production from the client were Judith Hebele and Max Bauer. The creative agency was The Game with Creative Director Damian Kuczmierczyk (styling: Daoud Daftarie, hair & makeup: Nieves Arranz, model: Staniel V Ferreira).

GoSee : falca.com
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featured by Claudia Bitzer : HONDA e:NY1 - the smart SUV with electric motor, photographed by KY&BA c/o CLAUDIA BITZER for Missouri Creative

The new HONDA e:NY1 combines a new design approach with exceptional interior comfort and advanced technology – to create a modern family car that redefines the driving experience for EV owners. Photographer team KY&BA c/o CLAUDIA BITZER present us the second part of the campaign here on GoSee.

KY&BA : “Here’s the second step of Honda’s European launch campaign that was photographed by us. In the spotlight: Honda’s first electric SUV – the e:NY1. Over the course of eight days and in eight different locations across Catalunya, we teamed up with Missouri Creative and Falca to showcase the numerous features of these new SUVs. After a successful week in Spain, we supervised post-production of the 82 deliverable images with Jenny Cremer, who was in charge of retouching. The photos are on display all over Europe both on the official websites of Honda and in the sales brochures of the two cars.”

GoSee : claudiabitzer.de
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