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About FAVoriteFACES

Our FAVoriteFACES are so much more than just faces. The different models and performers represented by us are all unique personalities.
In aligning our database we focus on diversity, uniqueness, naturalness, individuals and at the same time team players.

From young talents to characters and business models to professional actors and friendly best agers.

We represent the radiant, lovable and fun-loving elderly woman, who was once a swimmer and in addition to her late modeling career, she plays saxophone, as well as the committed offspring from the actor’s family. Or the exotic and sporty student, who dances and is a mom. We also represent her little sunshine by the way! We work with exceptional Plus-size models and catwalk proven beauty and fashion models. A full-time stuntman is part of our data base as well as our down-to-earth, fresh young host, who also works as a wedding speaker. Colorful and yet in a nutshell: that makes us and our work!

As a modeling agency, we provide models and performers to clients in the fields of advertising, photography, film, casting, industry and fashion.

A personal and trusting relationship with our models and customers is very important to us. We know all of our models personally that’s why we as an agency are able to fulfil our function according to the requirements of the briefing.

Our agency has a growing list of models of all ages and nationalities. We meet our models individually to find the right fit for their skills.

This enables us to offer a concentrated selection of model proposals, always tailored to the individual needs of our clients, therefore our customers the right face for advertising, film, fashion, casting and photography.