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featured by Continental Productions : Elegant on the outside, electric on the inside – CONTINENTAL PRODUCTIONS presents a 1-minute spot for the LANCIA PU+RA HPE Concept Car by Director duo Maison Vignaux

Imagine a new day for mobility… – “With the Lancia Pu+Ra HPE, Lancia’s journey into the future begins – drawing inspiration from the past. From the iconic round headlights reminiscent of the legendary Stratos, to the horizontal lines that echo the famous Venetian blind-inspired structure of the Lancia Beta HPE of the 1970s. A perfect symbiosis of past and present, purity and radicality, innovation and emotion.” LANCIA.

The spot was directed by Maison Vignaux, and production was in the hands of CONTINENTAL PRODUCTIONS. The agency responsible was Armando Testa with Chris Gkekas, Raffaelle Bladucci as well as Federica Tos.

The Lancia Pu+Ra HPE evolved from the Pu+Ra Zero concept, and the acronym HPE stands for ‘High Performance Electric.’ The all-electric design study grants a glimpse of the vehicle models Lancia will bring to the table in the coming decade.

Lancia plans to launch three new models by 2028. The Pu+Ra HPE concept car is a definite harbinger of the style elements awaiting drivers on the future Yspilon, Delta and Aurelia. The interior of the Lancia Pu+Ra HPE, by the way, is the result of a collaboration between Lancia and Cassina, two renowned exponents of Made in Italy.

Founded in 1906, the automobile manufacturer LANCIA, with headquarters in Turin, was acquired by Italian carmaker Fiat in 1969 and has been among the brands owned by the multinational automotive manufacturing corporation Stellantis since 2021. When PSA and FCA merged to form Stellantis in 2021, Carlos Tavares (CEO) committed to making investments in the Lancia brand for at least ten years. Models will be available for purchase outside of Italy once again starting in 2024. But first, the new trailblazing design study was recently unveiled in April 2023 with the Lancia Pu+Ra HPE concept.

GoSee : lancia.comcontinentalproductions.com
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featured by UPDATE-23-BERLIN : UPDATE ‘23 – FINAL CALL – more than 50 exhibitors confirmed – so it’s now or never ! Save Our Date : 25 MAY, 2023

In 2023, we look forward once again to more than 50 exhibitors from every thrilling creative department you could ever imagine. Photo & film agents, film production, illustration agencies, hair, makeup, styling, post production, CGI, location agencies, production companies, model agencies, … In other words : UPDATE-23-BERLIN has everything you need for your next campaign.

The event is taking place at the uber-hip & happening Hotel TELEGRAPHENAMT. It’ll more than likely be on the full side – but if one or two of you would still like to book a booth at the spur of the moment, we’ll do whatever we can. After all, we do only get to see each other once a year.

And all creative & art directors, art producers, art buyers and direct clients – whom we’d like to take a moment to thank so much for their wonderful support – are, or course, also looking forward to our day together. And more is definitely more – that is : the more there is to see, the happier we all will be ! Free accreditation  www.update.salon

Interested in a last-minute booth? Just send us an email : Update@UPDATE.Salon

GoSee : UPDATE.Salon
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How does an icon become an icon?
The DR. MARTENS spot celebrates ‘Nu Souls’

How does an icon become an icon? This is the story of the Nu Souls, those who are preparing to become icons, but still do so much far from the spotlight.

C41 created and produced a new editorial campaign for Dr. Martens, launched through a video teaser that recounts and reconstructs the steps every artist takes to get to the big stages. From the uncertainty of the zero point to feeling that everything is finally possible.

Celebrating the 10 years of the Jadon platform, Dr. Martens aims, once again, to establish itself as an iconic brand for an entire generation of style leaders. From Millennials to Generation Z, Dr. Martens is able to cross time gaps and be an eternal reference point, far beyond passing fashions. A symbol of rebellion and freedom, of diversity and self-expression, which find full manifestation in the musical context. Almost every artist, sooner or later, has defined himself through a pair of Dr. Martens, at the same time redefining the identity of the boot itself. The Jadon is the shoe for those who want to go further while remaining true to themselves, and not relegating all self-expression to clothing. It is a shoe that claims to be there, turning the spotlight on the wearer.

Making their way through suburban stages and rehearsal halls, the Nu Souls are preparing to conquer the main scene. Exponents of a new genre, born from the reinterpretation of 70s R&B and soul in a contemporary key, through pop and electronic sounds. But they also represent the return of an interiority (in the lyrics and the mood) that was gradually disappearing in the latest commercial drifts of pop and trap music.

C41 went in search of the emerging young icons from Milan who characterize this world and who will soon conquer it. Wearing a pair of Dr. Martens, they can finally express themselves. Visualizing the stories of Ethan (voice), Julie Ant (saxophone), Andrea Dissimile (drummer), and Evissimax (DJ), the video teaser recounts the journey of an icon.

Step 1 – THINK IT … First of all, an idea needs to be explored and experimented. In this first step, we get to know the artists in the place of reference for their creative process: from the bedroom to the rehearsal room, passing through any other place that is significant in the process of conception and composition, like a Chinese restaurant or a car park.

Step 2 – MAKE IT … Once conceived, an idea has to be realized. The artists are called to become who they really are, and we follow them in this important process, together with the people they feel closest to. Hair, clothes, and shoes: everything participates in the definition of an increasingly defined and personal identity. And finally, they can also wear their Jadon.

Step 3 – SHOW IT … Now, at the end of this journey, it’s their turn. The last step is when they can finally share with the audience what they have created: the performance, as well as themselves. The artists are portrayed during the moment when they show us all that they created and what they really can be. There it is the public itself that will determine the success of the project. To decide, in the end, what could really become an icon.

Each of them had the opportunity to build their own myth, through the most classic of heroes’ journeys. And within these contemporary mythologies, every rule is subverted. Thus the stage, together with the parterre, becomes a perimeter within which to begin writing one’s own story, with no more fear of the spotlights. And they, ultimately, became icons.

Dr. Martens, colloquially also referred to as Docs or Doc Martens, is a shoe brand of the British company of the same name, Dr. Martens PLC. Dr. Martens were developed following WWII by German physician Klaus Märtens, to whom they owe their name. The owner AirWair International/R. Griggs Group Limited was acquired in October 2013 by financial investor Permira. Since 2016, Dr. Martens also offers vegan alternatives to a large part of its models, which are mainly made from synthetic materials.

GoSee : drmartens.com

Produced by C41
Client: Dr. Martens Ilaria Bonfiglioli, Elisa Ramella, Matteo Di Donato
Creative Direction by C41 Magazine
Creative Directors: LEONE, Luca A. Caizzi
Creative & Editor: Robin Sara Stauder
Creatives: Simona Gentile, Sofia Michaud
Director: Filippo Raineri
2nd Unit Camera: Sofia Michaud
Photographer: LEONE
Digital Assistant: Simona Gentile
Producer: Riccardo Calvi
Project Manager: Elena Rebecca Rivolta
Junior Producer & Casting Director: Kevin Ferretti
Production Assistant: Riccardo Pagano, Leonardo Ferro
Writer: Claudio Biazzetti
Stylist: Yaya Zeng, Paolo Vecchies
Assistant Stylist: Yueqi Deng
MUA: Gaia Dellaquila ⁣
Photo Editor: Simona Gentile
Video Editor: Andrea Salomone
Main Talent: Ethan, Andrea Dissimile, Julie Ant, Evissimax
Talent: Memento, Prev, Arturo
Special Thanks: @labrutepoque, @funclab.collective, @yumanity, Gipsoteca Milano

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