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featured by Terence du Fresne : ‘We live and breathe rowing – since 1919’ – TERENCE DU FRESNE shoots the image film for the renowned ROWING CLUB BERN steeped in tradition

Rowing Club Bern, founded in 1919 in Bern, is a Swiss rowing association on Bern’s Lake Wohlen, a reservoir of the river Aare, which is known as one of the best waters in Switzerland for the rowing sport. Throughout the history of the club, it has been able to celebrate successes both at home and abroad.

For the new and atmospheric image film for Rowing Club Bern, the rowing teams already embarked on the shoot before dawn, while their local Lake Wohlen was still mysteriously draped in wafts of mist. A mystical atmosphere was captured, and the teams were staged in calm images and impressive light moods by director TERENCE DU FRESNE.

Photographer and director Terence du Fresne, by the way, is also a specialist for post production and has supported his clients since 1990 with his own studio at Stufenbau near Bern as well as internationally and regularly on location.

GoSee : rowing.chterencedufresne.ch
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featured by Helium Production Berlin : New Kids on the Block – We are delighted to welcome new GoSee entry HELIUM PRODUCTION BERLIN, artist representation / film & photo production company – and we’re kicking things off with their REEL ‘22

NEW at GoSee is HELIUM BERLIN, film and photo production company but also artist representation, specialized in the areas of photography, digital art and directing. They tell us about themselves : “Helium is a family of bold colors, unique characters and great stories. We’re new, and we create film, photo and digital content. We represent a fine selection of directors, digital artists and photographers, including Director Markus Wentlandt, English photographer Jack Bridgland, the amazing artist Magdiel Lopez, and more.”

HELIUM was founded in January 2022 by Sven Hoffmann. Before that, he worked successfully for several years as the executive producer for clients such as Nike, Vans, Beats by Dre, Red Bull, Riot Games, Sony, Opel, Kia, Mercedes, Lexus, SAP, Adidas, just to name a few.

At the moment, they are working on various e-sport campaigns and one of the biggest Share Now projects – and look forward to your inquiry. We present you their latest 2022 reel here on GoSee.NEWS and introduce the first artists and their work.

GoSee : helium.berlin
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featured by StillinMotion : “Make a really wicked spot for us. You have total creative freedom.” STILLINMOTION produces the club spot for JÄGERMEISTER

“Make a really wicked spot for us. You have total creative freedom.” When one of hippest and most demanding brands in the world tells us something like that, it means we can have a creative blast. The goal of the first spot of the trilogy, consisting of a club, lounge and mix spot, is to show that a shot of JÄGERMEISTER makes the night the best time of day, the club the coolest place in the city, and the party the highlight of the night. But what would the best club in town be without a phat mix? We teamed up with London recording studio Zelig Sound to mix hip and happening club tunes with microscopic sound effects so that you can even hear the frost spreading,” STILLINMOTION tells GoSee.

And a glimpse behind the scenes shows that this spot is a fireworks of pinnacle 2D, 3D and CGI technologies. From a liquid simulation to smoke, projection mapping, ultra-close-up modeling, high-end compositing, or even animated hands toasting – it’s a fully-packed CG production in ‘only’ fifteen seconds.

Creation: StillinMotion
Production: StillinMotion
Client: Jägermeister
Product: Jägermeister 2cl shot glass and 0.75 Liter bottle
Sound: Zelig Sound London

GoSee : jaegermeister.destillinmotion.de
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