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news featured by YES WE PROMPT ‘Artificial intelligence: Healer or Monster?’ ABSATZWIRTSCHAFT covers by Florian Dengler c/o YES WE PROMPT

When ABSATZWIRTSCHAFT wanted to report on the topic everyone is talking about at the moment, AI, – the cover design was up for discussion. Chosen for the task was Creative Director Florian Dengler, who is represented by YES WE PROMPT.

ABSATZWIRTSCHAFT: “We quickly knew that we wanted the cover for our focus topic to be designed by an AI. Only: How hard could it be to prompt a cover? The difference is similar to that between photography and just taking a photo. It is, after all, an art – and practice makes perfect. We just didn’t have any practice in-house.

So we went looking for someone and found Claudia Bußjaeger. She had a dozen creatives who could prompt together in no time. Photographers and illustrators, graphic designers, and photo editors, like herself. A cover at the push of a button like the title says? There’s no such thing. At least, not yet. But what freelance Creative Director Florian Dengler did for us, is also the job of various AIs.

His considerations are focused on...

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