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news | 28.06.2022

GOSEE LOVES : Sandra Rocha ‘Le moindre souffle’ – a melancholy observation of people in harmony with nature, on display at GALERIE LES FILLES DU CALVAIRE in Paris

Following a first large-scale presentation at the CPIF (Centre Photographique d’Ile-de-France), the gallery Les filles du calvaire is delighted to present ‘Le moindre souffle’ by Sandra Rocha. The photos were created by the artist in the heart of her native Azores, a Portuguese island group where she was born in 1974. Sandra Rocha puts man in his natural environment and the ties of community forged between all living creatures at the heart of her new composition. For the exhibition title – in English, the ‘the softest breath’, she draws her inspiration from Ovid, E. Coccia and J.-C. Bailly.

Sandra Rocha takes a poetic approach in her photographs, associating for the most part female figures with the four elements, places and objects. Her photos radiate a soft melancholy, deal with the fragility and beauty of the Earth as well as explore the differentness, equality and the divide between humans and other living creatures.

Fannie Escoulen on the work: “The comforting landscapes she calls into being – which seem to have been taken straight from the Garden of Eden – invite bodies like celestial apparitions to commune with Mother Nature, nature whose lush vegetation seems to protect these beings who are totally at one with the elements. Using image sequences, she portrays symbolic micro narratives that reflect our state of mind and our suffering. How can we live with our identity, our sexuality and our femininity? How can we understand these people who look like us, but who are also strangers?

In the distance, we can hear the ancient song of the Metamorphoses. We can see Narcissus endeavoring to find a person who he thinks is separate, but who is in fact a part of him, or rather is him. We can see Actaeon being transformed into a stag by Diana, and Hermaphroditus losing his identity as his body merges into that of the nymph Salmacis. And to this multitude of mythologies, each of which contains the many meanders of life itself, Sandra Rocha provides continuity, a hymn to the beauty of the world and its agitations, sung with the living breath of the chorus of life itself.”

Sandra Rocha has also joined Perrine Géliot to be part of the first duo of the Arts Mentorship Program of Pernod Ricard. Their mutual work is on display as part of the Photography Festival in Arles from 4 July – 25 September, 2022.

Sandra Rocha ‘Le moindre souffle’
Exhibition from 5 to 30 July 2022
17 rue des filles du Calvaire 75003 PARIS


news | 27.06.2022

‘Chromatic Wasteland’ presents sculptures made of plastic and magical color spectrums – personal work by Maciek MILOCH c/o STILLSTARS

‘Chromatic Wasteland’ is a project by photographer Maciek Miloch and set designer Anna Nizio. The two creatives present you their series on GoSee.NEWS: “Nowadays, people produce about 300 million tons of plastic waste every year. That’s nearly equivalent to the weight of the entire human population. Photographs are abstract still life compositions that need time to decode the specific objects used to construct them – the plastic waste we collected for three weeks.

The process of collecting waste for the project made us aware of how much plastic is used and that most of the products available on the market are packed in it. Sculptures of the plastic were photographed using phenomena of photo-elasticity. Plastic’s stress distribution within the material began to show iridescent, magical (yet appearing toxic at the same time) color spectrums invisible in normal lighting conditions.”

Maciek Miloch is a still life & food photographer with a strong background as art director. The perfect symbiosis of geometrical shapes, colors and textures is the recipe with which the artist creates unmistakable visual statements.

GoSee : stillstars.com


news | 23.06.2022

Visiting the atelier of ceramics artist Daniela Torres – photos by Julia ZOOOI c/o NERGER M&O

Daniela Torres is an Ecuadorian artist who lives in Berlin and challenges concepts of gender normativity in society through photography ceramics and fashion. She founded the MŌ Gallery in the year 2017 and has curated several solo and group exhibitions ever since.

Over the years, Daniela has become an advocate of gender equality, and her work reflects this through the reversal of gender roles and a newly discovered sense of irony with regard to her experiences.

She celebrates femininity, nudeness and vulnerability in her multidisciplinary artwork. Julia ZOOOI c/o NERGER M&O portrayed the artist in her studio.

GoSee : danielatorres.net & nergermao.com