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news | 29.06.2022

THE NORTHMAN out now ! – Nadav KANDER c/o LGA MANAGEMENT portrayed Director Robert Eggers for THE NEW YORKER

Nadav Kander photographed director, screenplay writer and set designer Robert Eggers for THE NEW YORKER. THE NORTHMAN is the new film with a world-class cast by the director of ‘The Witch’ or ‘The Lighthouse.’ The Viking epic, filmed in Ireland and Iceland, is an echo of the Amelth saga, which also served as the inspiration for Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’.

Viking Prince Amleth had to witness how his father was murdered by his uncle – and swears to exact bloody revenge. Appearing in the lead roles are Alexander Skarsgård as the son of King Aurvandil and Queen Gudrún (Ethan Hawke and Nicole Kidman), alongside the legendary Anya Taylor-Joy (The Queen’s Gambit) in the role of the slave Olga. Icelandic singer-songwriter Björk also makes a brilliant appearance in a role just made for her as Slav Witch.

We quote THE NEW YORKER : “Robert Eggers’s new movie – a loose pre-telling of ‘Hamlet’ involving longships, volcanoes, and the singer Björk’s first cinematic role in seventeen years – is out this month. Eggers’s previous films – ‘The Witch’ and ‘The Lighthouse’ – were claustrophobic, visionary works that blurred the boundary between the imagined and the real. With ‘The Northman’ and its $90 million budget, everyone is kind of, like, ‘If this isn’t ‘Gladiator’ or ‘Braveheart,’ we’re fucked’.”

Nadav Kander : “A pleasure to photograph Robert Eggers for The NewYorker. Who could forget ‘The Lighthouse.’ Amazing film. Thank you.”

Robert Eggers, who comes from New Hampshire, began his career in theater in New York City, where he staged experimental plays and was responsible for set design. He started to create his first short films in 2007, and in 2015, he made his feature film debut with the horror film ‘The Witch’, for which he was awarded Best Director at the Sundance Film Festival that same year.

GoSee the trailer : youtube.com/watchlgamanagement.com


news | 28.06.2022

TIGHTROPE PRODUCTION presents you artwork for the beautiful PENTATONIX EVERGREEN album

The fifth album by the a cappella quintette from Arlington, Texas, is a Christmas album. Cover versions and holiday classics have never sounded so beautiful thanks to their reinterpretation in the band’s relaxed style. The album already came out last year – but we are delighted to present you the artwork once again of the band, which is meanwhile a quartette since singer and founding member Avi Kaplan surprisingly announced his leaving.

GoSee : ptxofficial.com

PRODUCTION Tightrope Production / Jonathan Bossle
STYLING Candice Lambert
HAIR Sami Knight
MAKEUP Anthony Nguyen
SET DESIGN Walter Barnett


news | 27.06.2022

The NODALETO bridal shoe 2022 campaign photographed in Los Angeles and produced by TIGHTROPE PRODUCTION

French fashion photographer Hugo Comte, not least known for his artwork for superstar Dua Lipa, stood behind the camera for glamorous bridal shoes from NODALETO. Julia Toledano, daughter of the Chairman and CEO of LVMH Fashion Group Sidney Toledano, founded the shoe brand Nodaleto with a business partner. The brand name is derived from her last name, Toledano, and is intended to highlight her close connection with the label.

The campaign was produced in spring ‘22 with New Zealand model Stella Maxwell, ex-love interest of Hollywood belle Kristen Stewart, by TIGHTROPE PRODUCTION. Styling: Georgia Pendlebury.

“Nodaleto has a lot of meanings for me. But let’s start from the beginning. Nodaleto is an anagram of my last name, Toledano. I really wanted to put my legacy into the brand – a mix of my Mediterranean cultural heritage and how I grew up combined with a fashion education in Paris and my own vision for the design. Nodaleto is a lot of spontaneity, a child’s dream that I always had in my head.” Julia Toledano

GoSee : nodaleto.com & tightropeproduction.com