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news | 28.07.2021

ITEM m6 x Women Artists project with fashion collage animations by Chantal CADUFF c/o COSMOPOLA for the luxury bodywear label

Born in Switzerland, Chantal CADUFF c/o COSMOPOLITAN is a GIF designer known for her extraordinary fashion collage animations. For Chanel too, she has already created one of her brightly colored animations. For the project of luxury bodywear label ITEM m6 x Women Artists, she realized loud and colorful animations. “German bodywear brand @item_m6 asked me and other female artists like @andrea_wan to interpret their brand message 💗Woman Loving💗. I loved working with them, and I am in love with my new Power Pants!”

On the website of the project, all artists are presented with an interview, and here is an excerpt :

What does 'Women Loving' mean to you? “Every woman is different than others, and it's precisely this otherness which needs to be celebrated. No woman should ever feel that her gender limits her from expressing herself freely or doing what she truly wants to do. For me, celebrating women means to give them a voice to express their thoughts and ideas, to provide them with a platform to show off their unique talents and to encourage them to be unapologetically themselves.”

What is your vision for women in the art scene? “I want women to feel free of norms and expectations and be more confident in who they are as an artist and as a person. I want women to be celebrated and respected for their unique styles, ideas and ways of expressing themselves – not based on gender, but on their creativity.”

In addition, we present you several fashion GIFs by Chantal, and much more is available via COSMOPOLA.


news | 22.07.2021

‘Picked by Lena Gercke’ - Felix Krüger photographs top model Lena Gercke for her SUPERGA campaign with props by Peter KLARE c/o BASICS BERLIN

Felix Krüger photographed top model and host Lena Gercke for the SUPERGA campaign. Responsible for the props was Peter KLARE c/o BASICS BERLIN. The executive agency was REICHERT+ COMMUNICATIONS. SUPERGA stands for sneakers made in Italy. Created in cooperation with Lena Gercke just recently was a hand-selected, picked-by collection, for which Lena modified her favorite Superga styles just the way she wanted – and now the beautiful sneakers carry her very personal and extremely minimalist signature. The roots of the internationally known Italian sports brand from Turin go back to the year 1911.

REICHERT+ COMMUNICATIONS is an established and owner-operated communication agency based in Berlin : “We develop innovative communication ideas and eye-catching PR campaigns in the segments classic PR, VIP and influencer relations, event management, media planning as well as content management.” GoSee : reichertplus.comsuperga.de & basics.berlin