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news | 28.07.2021

ITEM m6 x Women Artists project with the 'Earthy Delight' work by ANDREA WAN c/o COSMOPOLA and further 'Inevitable Growth' illustrations, entwining floral elements and hands

As part of the ITEM m6 x Women Artists project, the luxury bodywear label teamed up with female artists to interpret the brand message 'Women Loving'. We present you the interpretation by illustrator ANDREA WAN c/o COSMOPOLA.

“I wanted to create a piece that embraces femininity and its depth through botanical elements, and to celebrate our innate relationship with nature. The orchid is my favorite flower, and it’s a classic symbol of the feminine, like in the paintings of George O’Keefe. I integrated the color pink, as well as slightly different skin tones in this piece. I think sensuality is a big theme from some of these hands and flower pieces I’ve been doing. It kind of creates an imagined sanctuary for women to feel safe in their body and explore their sensuality,” the artist tells us.

On the project website, participating artists are presented with an interview.

What does 'Women Loving' mean for you? “'Women Loving' means celebrating women purely as ourselves, free and wild, and as mutable as we choose to be. It's about acknowledging that women cannot be confined or limited to a certain fixed set of aesthetic standards, roles, or ways of expression – all archetypes have to be honored, as women can lead from a place of true connection. We have to free ourselves and empower each other to be freed.”

How do you show that in your art piece for ITEM m6? “I wanted to create a piece that embraces femininity and its depth through botanical elements, and to celebrate our innate relationship with nature.”

What is your vision for women in the art scene? I hope that the art world can be more aware of the prejudice that is built into the system and start giving more value to the work of female artists. Women hold the power of connecting with the earth and nature and channeling that into art with unique sensibility. I hope to see more female artists being represented in the art scene, especially those within minority groups.”

Bodywear from ITEM m6 is developed by women for women. The designs celebrate the female body: always supporting, never constricting. The greatest goal: to develop pieces you love to wear every day – with just the right shape level for a great look and an even more confident and beautiful feeling. We aspire to a contemporary image of women with bodywear from ITEM m6 'Women Loving'.

When Andrea Wan (@andrea_wan) was ten-years-old, she moved from Hong Kong to Vancouver, Canada, with her parents. She later studied Design und Illustration in Denmark, after which she worked as a visual artist for several years in Berlin.
Her art is enriched by a steady flow of new impressions gathered along her way. Andrea enjoys working with ink and watercolors on paper. The pieces in her 'Inevitable Growth' series are floral elements entwined with hands. Here on GoSee, we present you a selection of further intricate illustrations from the series – and further inspiring illustrations by Andrea can be seen via COSMOPOLA.


news | 28.07.2021

'Economic Landscape' for the magazine of Fédération Bancaire Française as well as further landscapes for advertising and editorial by Francesco Bongiorni c/o SEPIA

Francesco Bongiorni c/o SEPIA illustrated landscapes for the magazine of Fédération Bancaire Française. We also present you his two works for 'Sporting Events in Trentino' plus landscapes for the outdoor festival Slow Travel Fest. Ad motifs with an Alpine landscape were also designed by him for Ambrosia Val Venosta (Vinschgau Valley, South Tyrol).

Francesco Bongiorni comes from Milan and works as an illustrator in Madrid, mainly in the area of advertising and for magazines. He is skilled in concisely illustrating complex causal relationships, and loves to illustrate vast landscapes, mountains and forests.

His work has been awarded multiple times, among others, by American Illustration and the Society of Illustrators (NY). He has already worked for The New York Times, The New Yorker, The Guardian, The Washington Post, Scientific American, Time, The Wall Street Journal, The Chicago Tribune, Harvard Business Review, George Washington University, Yale University, Penn University, Princeton University, The Royal Academy of Arts, Ac Milan, Lancôme, Nautilus, Penguin (Random House), Plansponsor, Le Monde, Wired, Wirtschaftswoche, and many more.


news | 28.07.2021

'A universe full of color, energy, humor and irony' BERTONE STUDIO c/o AGENT MOLLY & CO with animations for MINI CARS and TOMMY HILFIGER, packaging and a colorful portfolio between Pop-Surrealism and Neo-Expressionism on GoSee

BERTONE STUDIO from Madrid is now represented by AGENTMOLLY & CO. Behind the duo are Eduardo Bertone from Argentina and Michiyo Sato from Japan. Their colorful works of art combine their heritage and the cultural diversity discovered on their travels. Their style is somewhere between psychedelic pop-surrealism, doodling and neo-expressionism. Their recognizable urban art aesthetic is reflected across a multitude of forms, including complex media, small simple drawings, print, animation, advertising, editorial and packaging.

Among their clients are Dacia, Hachette, Orange Consulting, Honda, Skittles, Nestlé, Carrefour, Mini Cars, Smart cars, Hewlett-Packard, Unilever, Eristoff, Toronto Life Magazine… and they work with agencies such as Leo Burnett, McCann, Y&R, DDB, Publicis, W+K, TBWA… Their work also appears in Illustration Now! (Taschen), AI-AP (NY) and Best 200 Illustrators 2009 (Lürzer’s Archive).

Stockholm-based Agent Molly & Co was founded in 2002 by Molly Karlberg and Sara Sinnby. Right from the start, our guiding principles have been focus, ambition and commitment. We enjoy great success, representing some of Sweden’s most innovative photographers, illustrators and stylists, working within both the Swedish and international markets.