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news | 11.04.2021

‘LOST SOUL’ - EDDIE APOLLO & SADIE FROST direct the animated music video for COLLETTE COOPER

Blonde To Black Pictures and Thelonious Punk Records present the music video for ‘Lost Soul’ by Collette Cooper. Directed by sought-after artist and animator Eddie Apollo with renowned filmmaker and entrepreneur Sadie Frost, the video immortalizes vocalist, songwriter and multi-disciplinary artist Collette Cooper in a vibrant and unique aesthetic which captures the spirit of the deeply rooted, raw blues music it was designed to underscore. Traversing the backstreets of a shadowy metropolis with confidence and style, Collette Cooper cuts an ethereal figure among a cast of shady characters, ultimately ascending into a surreal utopia filled with a whole host of awe-inspiring surprises!

The essence of the video evokes thoughts of Japanese animation studio Ghibli, but is clearly marked by the graffiti-like, comic strip style which rising star Eddie Apollo is becoming increasingly famous for. Its narrative perfectly complements the sound and lyrics of the song ‘Lost Soul’, as was intended when it first came to mind.

Its creator Sadie Frost explains : “When I first heard Collette Cooper’s new song ‘LOST SOUL’ it sent shivers down my spine, and I immediately knew that I wanted to create an apocalyptic animated world in which she and the band could perform. Something that commented on the feelings of doom and gloom we’ve all felt during the pandemic. For me, Collette’s music has always had a magical quality to it, and I wanted to convey the positive, bluesy vibes of ‘Lost Soul’ by taking her audience on a redemptive journey into a heavenly world full of love, compassion, hope and humor.”

Cooper herself has faced a number of extreme challenges throughout her life, but by projecting her emotions through creative songwriting, she has used these experiences to develop and grow as an artist, ultimately making her stronger. A palpable sense of these intense feelings can be detected in the song ‘Lost Soul’ and provides authenticity to the project as a whole. Speaking about the video, Collette Cooper says : “The video really captures the spirit of the song. I love Eddie’s eye for detail, his work is incredible, and I love Sadie’s vision and ideas. I really like the comedy injection, too, which is very me. They make a great team.”

Collette Cooper is a singer & songwriter currently working on her debut album entitled ‘City of Sin’ and has produced several music videos. Collette performs in London and has performed at several fashion, charity and awards shows, including Samuel L. Jackson’s ‘One For the Boys’ karaoke benefit in collaboration with GQ on 25 September, 2014, and ‘The Gang Show’ at the Groucho Club on 4 October, 2014, in support of the Teenage Cancer Trust. Collette is also an actor and has worked in theater and film with the likes of Jane Campion, Michael Winterbottom and Samantha Morton.

All in all, the video for ‘Lost Soul’ is as entertaining as it is pleasing to the eye, made by a team with a clear understanding of each other’s artistic nuances. The result is a captivating piece of work – the proof is in the viewing!

DIRECTOR Sadie Frost and Eddie Apollo
ARTIST Collette Cooper
PRODUCER Sadie Frost
ANIMATION Eddie Apollo
CELEBRITY Collette Cooper
PRESS beverley luckings



news | 08.04.2021

‘Breaking the News? The political public sphere and regulation of Internet intermediaries’ – STUDIO TOPIE c/o KOMBINATROTWEISS-ILLUSTRATION illustrates for the new publication of the renowned FRIEDRICH EBERT FOUNDATION

The importance of social media in the dissemination and organization of information is undeniable: News is listed additionally in individualized newsfeeds, and recommendation algorithms act as powerful gatekeepers. On this topic, the Friedrich Ebert Foundation has released its new publication entitled ‘Breaking the news? The political public sphere and regulation of Internet intermediaries’. Studio Topie, aka Nils Kasiske, is represented by KOMBINATROTWEISS-ILLUSTRATION. His works adorn the publication with cover illustrations as well as various beautiful chapter openers. 

The Friedrich Ebert Foundation writes about the publication : “The importance of social media in the dissemination and organization of information is undeniable. The blocking of the social media accounts held by outgoing American President Donald Trump in January 2021 has made the influence of large platforms and search engines an issue of even greater urgency. Their global rise has radically changed our information behavior. News is now often listed additionally in individualized news feeds, and platforms, with their recommendation algorithms, play the role of powerful gatekeepers. At the same time, novel mechanisms of direct interaction and personalization are changing communication on a public level. This in turn can foster the formation of filter bubbles and echo chambers while facilitating the dissemination of false or emotionally laden news. But it also provides further means of targeted individual selection in light of an otherwise overwhelming abundance of information.

The concentrated market position, the dynamics of hate speech, and insufficient data security give rise to demands for legal constraint
and regulation of these global players. Authors Maximilian Gahntz, Katja T. J. Neumann, Philipp C. Otte, Bendix J. Sältz, and Kathrin Steinbach are examining the current approaches in the German State Media Treaty and in the planned Digital Services Act for the Friedrich Ebert Foundation and indicating research desiderata as we still have insufficient reliable data pertaining to the actual effects of the platforms. They raise the question of what the media landscape could be like in the future and what kind of political public sphere is best suited in order to strengthen our democracy.”

You can download the publication by authors Maximilian Gahntz, Katja T. J. Neumann, Philipp C. Otte, Bendix J. Sältz and Kathrin Steinbach free of charge. GoSee : fes.de/medienpolitik//breaking-the-news 

About – The Friedrich Ebert Foundation e. V. (FES) is the largest and oldest party-affiliated foundation in Germany and is close to the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD). According to the Association of German Foundations, the Friedrich Ebert Foundation is financially the strongest foundation in Germany with an annual expenditure of 194.6 million euros in 2018. Similar to other political foundations, it is legally and economically not a foundation, but instead a registered association. It is headquartered is Bonn with a branch office in Berlin. GoSee : fes.de


news | 17.03.2021

Flower power is always a good idea - animated editorial by mixed media collage artist AUGUSTYNKA c/o COSMOPOLA for ELLE CROATIA

Right on time for the spring season, ELLE CROATIA presents playful looks and loud colors – all brought to life by AUGUSTYNKA c/o COSMOPOLA. Unlike winter make-up, which was marked more by earthy tones, the months to come will be dominated by lively shades inspired by the looks of the 1960s and the famous Twiggy style, according to the magazine. It’s time to show playful summer looks, a bright color palette and flower power aesthetic.