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news | 17.05.2023

NEW at GoSee : yesweprompt.de – the first representation for AI artists is online. The credo of founder Claudia Bußjäger : ‘Artificial intelligence is nothing without intelligent artists’

Since 8 May, 2023, Germany has its first representation for AI artists. What might still sound a bit surprising for some, is for agency founder Claudia Bußjäger a logical step into the future. Because she is absolutely convinced that AI technology will make a contribution to the creative industry that is as great as it is relevant.

Claudia Bußjäger has been following this development from the very beginning and has already announced four AI artists who are committed to prompting in the first few days. And she promises : There’s a lot more coming.

At the moment, she is starting off with Mieke Haase, today’s perhaps most well-known top creative prompter, Elmo Mistiaen (“a talented artist and jewelry designer from Brussels,” as Claudia puts it), Grit Wolany (“A magnificent creative from Zurich”), and Thorsten Rother (“likely the most famous photographer committed to AI of our time”).

Alongside her new job as AI representative, Claudia is known as a connector and creative producer as well as an experienced art buyer who can handle budgets of any size. As you can see, the best ingredients to integrate AI smoothly into campaigns big or small.

We’re excited to see what more artistic artificial intelligence has in store for us and promise you this : We’ll keep you posted. 

GoSee : yesweprompt.de


news | 17.05.2023


Peach, Pears, Grapefruit, Peppar & Citron – Anders Kylberg & Emil Larsson photographed the five flavors for ABSOLUT VODKA. From the laundromat to the campsite, there’s just no place Absolut Vodka doesn’t feel right at home. Post was in the hands of THE KLUBHOUSE.

For the client GMC, photographer Dmitry Bocharov stepped into the ring. His job? To capture the HUMMER EV in all its splendor in its natural habitat – the wilderness. Hummer is no longer available as a stand-alone brand, it is now part of the General Motors subsidiary GMC. And that complete with an electric drivetrain. Post production of the motifs was once again in the hands of THE KLUBHOUSE.

Alan Olav Walker is a British-Norwegian EDM DJ and music producer who appeared on everyone’s radar in 2015 with the single ‘Faded’ and also produces under the pseudonym DJ Walkzz. Since 2016, alongside his studio work, he also spins the wheels of steel as a DJ himself and kicked off his first world tour that same year. The motif presented here came from Mohammed Sarmadawy, post-produced by THE KLUBHOUSE.

THE KLUBHOUSE is a post production studio and home of super talents : “Our services are all tailored to your unique requirements. With mind-blowing retouchers and 3D geniuses, we make it happen. Never to compromise with quality, artistic depth or technology. All executed in a creative collaborative spirit, with the aim to leave you more than satisfied and convinced, there’s nowhere better than THE KLUBHOUSE, home of post production. We create new worlds for you to play in. Come play with us !”

GoSee : the-klubhouse.com


news | 16.05.2023

U.F.O. - Unidentified Female Object - the personal, experimental spread as a creative collaboration by Monica Menez & Thorsten Jasper Weese / RECOM in the finale of GoSeeAWARDS #23 on the topic of ‘Visual Seduction’

Now it’s time to cross our fingers : The personal work ‘U.F.O. – Unidentified Female Object’, created in creative cooperation between photographer/director Monica Menez and Thorsten Jasper Weese/RECOM, has made it into the finale of the GoSeeAWARDS ‘23.

Right this minute, the over 70-member jury is voting in the second and final round to see who will take home the victory. Winners will be announced – like every year – live at UPDATE, where you can meet a juror or two in person.

Of course, you’ll also meet Thorsten Jasper Weese at UPDATE, who is looking forward, together with his partners Lars Wittmaak, Jonas Braukmann and Tobias Kern, to you stopping by the XXL RECOM booth. So please save the date : Thursday, 25 May, 2023, at Telegraphenamt, Berlin Mitte. 

RECOM is made up of the units RECOMPOST, RECOMCGI, RECOMFILM and RECOMART – which together form the RECOMGROUP, meanwhile among the most renowned and high-performance ARTWORK/POST and CGI STUDIOS worldwide for more than 25 years with offices in Stuttgart (head office), Berlin, Munich, Paris, Sofia, London & New York. The RECOMGROUP is a forge of award-winning, international creative work for famous photographers, agencies and photo art projects.

GoSee : recom.de & UPDATE.Salon