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New entry ! Paris-based mobility & transportation photographer Yannick BROSSARD now c/o ROCKENFELLER & GÖBELS

“We are delighted to announce Yannick BOSSARD, an exciting new entry on our artist roster! Based in Paris, Yannick began his career as a self-taught photographer and an employee of a traditional film lab. In 2003, his passion for photography led him on a journey across Argentina and throughout all of Latin America. Meeting and collaborating with well-known Argentinean photographers during this time, he was able to hone his professional skills further and explore the culturally polar opposite of France. 

With a wealth of experience, Yannick returned to France in 2005 – evolving into the successful photographer for advertising and editorial clients he is today. His work has been published in Vogue, Numéro, Elle as well as in other renowned magazines. Over the years, his interest in cars, motorcycles, people and traveling grew into a deep passion, which in turn directed his focus increasingly to the areas of transportation and mobility – where he has meanwhile been working successfully for more than 20 years.

Flexible and fueled by curiosity, he is always open to new challenges. As a people-person with a pleasant disposition, he is an experienced team player and solution-oriented consultant on set,” says ROCKENFELLER & GÖBELS.

His client list already includes Renault / Renault Trucks / Honda / Triumph / Alpine / Dacia / Ford / BMW / Ferrari / Peugeot / Jaguar / Landrover / Yamaha / SNCF / Massey Fergusson / KIA / Volkswagen.
Here on GoSee, we present you his campaign for RENAULT with Publicis Conseil and Prodigious. And more is available directly from R&G.

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FERRARI LA ROMA - a special project by Yannick Brossard c/o ROCKENFELLER & GÖBELS

With its refined proportions and timeless design paired with distinctive flair and style – the Ferrari Roma is a contemporary representation of the carefree dolce vita for which Rome was famous in the 1950s & 60s. Yannick Brossard c/o ROCKENFELLER & GÖBELS staged the vehicle with befitting elegance.
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Personal work by Dominik BAUR c/o ROCKENFELLER & GÖBELS featuring the ADIDAS ORIGINALS BY WALES BONNER collection

The personal spread presented here showcases pieces from the ADIDAS ORIGINALS BY WALES BONNER collection – photographed by Dominik  BAUR c/o ROCKENFELLER & GÖBELS.

With the collection, adidas Originals and Wales Bonner launched clothing and accessories inspired by West-African music and photography from the 1970s and 80s. And that quite successfully : the collection was sold out in no time.

In 2015, the meanwhile 32-year-old Grace Wales Bonner already won the British Fashion Award as Emerging Menswear Designer, followed in 2016 by the LVMH Young Designer Prize worth € 300,000 – the largest and most prestigious award in the fashion industry. 

GoSee: fotografenagentur.de
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