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‘All Sorts of Things’ - models deconstruct the fashion industry’s definition of ‘normal’ - a film project by Michele DI Do & Rosalie DI NATALE c/o FREDA+WOOLF for DAZED

‘All Sorts of Things’ bears witness to the growing understanding of the fashion industry of what is ‘normal’. Started by a Berlin-based creative team, made up of directors Ale Ruiz-Zorrilla and Rosa Lisa DI NATALE with photographer Michele DI DIO c/o FREDA+WOOLF, stylist Ourania Marmara, producer Ronja Prinz and casting director Julie Sinios, the project is dedicated to the experiences of eight different models (Eren, Cora, Gigi, James, Lenny, Lukas, Nathalie & Vale) – of various age groups, ethnicities, body types and identities.

In the photo series, the stylist uses different items of clothing to distort and improve the body shapes of the models. The photos challenge established fashion standards with which we are confronted every day by means of exaggerated ruffled bodices which bloat the body to XXL proportions, or swirled shoulder pads and elegant body armor which transform the wearer into imposing statue-esque figures.

“I always wondered who sets (the) standards in terms of fashion and beauty. Who decides that a specific body type is worth showing and others not?” says stylist Mamara. “I was expecting fashion brands and PRs to happily support me in terms of getting the outfits for the story, but when I wrote (that) we were going to have a cast of eight models with diverse body types, everyone assumed that I was looking for bigger sizes, so half of the brands said they couldn’t support us.”

Production by STUDIO 11:40
Film by Ale Ruiz-Zorrilla & Rosalisa Di Natale, Photos by Michele Di Dio
Styling by Ourania Marmara
Cinematography by Hee-Song Han, Casting by Julie Sinios

Executive Producer: Ronja Prinz, Producer: Sophie Maus
Production Coordinator: Jana Oberdörffer
Production Assistants: Vera Horstmann, Marielle Begic, Theresa Braun, Joy Fischer

1st AC: Chris Hövel, Gaffer: Barton Kirchmann, Felix Gundlach
Spark: Fabian Dotzler

Set Design: Kristin Baumann, Assistant: Lisa Majuntke
Styling Assistant: Valentina Mike, Styling Support: Louisa Goltz
Hair : Rabea Richwien, Makeup Artist: Linda Sigg

Painter: Mike Schön, Colors: Delfina Mayer
Title Design: atentamente.duo, Sound Design: Ethan Houser
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ADIDAS ORIGINALS X SOLEBOX spot by director Manuel Harig – styling by Ina WITZEL C/O FREDA+WOOLF

For the video to go with the latest adidas x Solebox release, more precisely for the uber-successful NMD S1 shoe, Ina WITZEL c/o FREDA+WOOLF was responsible for styling models Belle Bresca and Sunday.

NMD are your lifestyle shoes for everyday –
and the result of the collaboration between three flagship models from the Franconian global brand: Micropacer, Rising Star and Boston Star. In other words: comfort paired with exceptional design all in one. The acronym NMD, by the way, stands for ‘nomad’ – because the adidas NMD shoes are just made for urban nomads.

Solebox is a project by Cologne-based Sole Brothers GmbH with CEOs Sven Voth and Tim Spickenbom.

The spot was directed by Manuel Harig, with set design by Stefanie Grau, and hair & makeup by Larissa Pauli.

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‘AlphaTauri : Top of the Rock’ SLEEK fashion special with styling by INA WITZEL c/o FREDA+WOOLF

AlphaTauri is the innovative premium fashion brand of Red Bull GmbH known for its outerwear and 3D knitwear. Ina WITZEL c/o FREDA+WOOLF was in charge of styling for the ALPHATAURI x SLEEK special, photographed by Fabio and Cristian (hair by Davide Marrone, makeup by Lorenzo Zavatta, models: Yang Liuyang c/o Tank Agency, Gret Mateides c/o Select Model Management, casting by Irene Manicone, Producer: Claude Gerber).

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