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news featured by Andreas Ortner Enchanting supermodel Luna Bijl in safari-chic for the FREE PEOPLE Spring 2020 campaign - photographed in Morocco by ANDREAS ORTNER

ANDREAS ORTNER accompanied Dutch supermodel Luna Bijl to the Moroccan desert. Created on location was the boho-chic style, soft motifs for the REE PEOPLE Spring 2020 campaign. Creative Direction: Doub Hanshaw, styling: Amanda Greyson. Production manager was Emily Bonner with support from Fred Fantun Productions. Hair & make-up by Georgios Tsiagkis.

About - Luna Bijl is a Dutch fashion model. She is known as one of late designer Karl Lagerfeld’s muses. Bijl currently ranks as one of the Top 50 models in the fashion industry. In 2018, she appeared on eight Vogue covers, including Vogue Paris.

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