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featured by Sven Jacobsen : LIKE BIRDS by SVEN JACOBSEN, the photo book now available as a special offer on the photographer’s website

The photo book LIKE BIRDS by photographer Sven Jacobsen (appearing at Hatje Cantz Publishing) is now available as a special offer on the photographer’s website.

In his book, Sven Jacobsen takes us back to a carefree time of youth, becoming self-aware, coming of age in a summer full of adventure. Its about lightness, an easygoing time of absolute, unlimited freedom. In their immediacy, a timeless dimension develops in his photographs of youngsters trying things out, jumping into the water with exuberance, clambering around on fences, poles and dunes, being silly, kissing, skateboarding or simply lying in the tall grass. The lakes, dunes, or apartments depicted thus become places of collective memory.

“If we observe living things long enough, we can see the entire beauty and tragedy of the world in them…” Sven Jacobsen

The spherical landscapes captured in this way – the snapshots of youthful freedom in all its beauty, its chaos, its silence, and its loudness – quickly develop a narrative pull. What looks like a lighthearted summer snapshot on the surface may suddenly touch deeper layers of the subconscious.

Sven Jacobsen (*1969) began working as a freelance photographer in 1999 after studying Architecture. He is known for his campaigns for big clients such as BMW, Nikon, and Coca-Cola as well as for his editorials for magazines such as Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair, and Interview.

LIKE BIRDS – Sven Jacobsen . With texts by Joachim Meyerhoff and Nadine Barth . 208 pages, hardcover, size: 24 x 30cm . language: English, German . isbn 978-3-7757-5032-5 . 38 EUR. svenjacobsen.com/booksshop/likebirds

GoSee : svenjacobsen.com & svenjacobsen.squarespace.com//likebirds
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featured by les Artists by Josef Stockinger : Ancient Mesopotamian & Anatolian symbols – Angelo Lamparelli photographs for EFEK by designer and stylist Özge EFEK c/o LES ARTISTS by Josef Stockinger

EFEK was founded by Özge Efek, with the aim of reviving ancient Anatolian and Mesopotamian jewelry and symbol traditions. Özge, who also works as a stylist and art director, always dreamed of having her own jewelry line, which skillfully combines the beauty and the history of her heritage. The result of her research are unique pieces of jewelry made for a brief eternity.

GoSee : instagram.com/efek_studioles-artists.com

Photographer: Angelo Lamparelli
Styling & Art Direction: Özge Efek
Photography Assistant: Nicola Pagano
Styling Assistant: Naim Berisha
Location: STHOODIO

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featured by ANDREA HEBERGER : ‘Cold-water Surfing’ in Lofoten, Norway - photos by Sabine SKIBA c/o ANDREA HEBERGER

“Frosty days, empty waves – ‘Cold-water Surfing’, a personal project photographed by Sabine Skiba in Lofoten. The lifestyle photographer is staying in the rough north of Norway until the end of April.” representation ANDREA HEBERGER tells us.

Lofoten is a region in the Norwegian province of Nordland and belongs to an island group off the coast of North Norway. It consists of around 80 islands and has been populated for approximately 6000 years.
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