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About Gybow

Gybow is a revolutionary lightweight LED rig system that paints natural lighting and reflections from 360º HDRI environments onto cars... or onto anything.

With Gybow, ideas can be truly limitless, whilst the car is kept entirely in camera

• Set the car in any location, free of logistical limits, perfect for code red prototypes.

• Perfect for clients who love to use a real car and keep it all in camera.

• Free your imagination with purely CG environments.

• Ideal for limited editions, vintage cars, one-off concepts…whenever the real thing is much better than the 3D data.

• Add a new dimension to your studio shoots – use Gybow as a wildly creative lighting rig.

Logistics advantages set Gybow ahead of the curve

• Budget friendly, a fraction of the cost of an LED stage.

• Light weight and mobile, Gybow packs into 3 cases.

• Easy international transport.

• Set up time is just a few hours.

• Environmentally friendly, runs on regular house power.

• Efficient energy consumption compared to LED stages.

• Hire as full Gybow system with operator.


Round numbers: Studio requirements to use Gybow

• Gybow works with any camera/software capable of exposure times of 30 seconds.

• Gybow loves the dark! Studio space needs full blackout.

• Ceiling mount point for system motor

• Rotating rig diameter 33 ft / 10 m

• Minimal studio width 40 ft / 12 m

• Minimal studio height 9 ft / 5.8 

 This is an overview only - please contact us for full details.