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featured by MAGROUND : MAGROUND x GYBOW – pioneering method of virtual production

GYBOW is a new photo studio technology with which a real car can be authentically illuminated with the help of MAGROUND 360° HDR domes and integrated into the desired photographic backgrounds. For his shoot with the AUDI A3, photographer Max Rempe chose a location from Los Angeles with various backplates and matching HDR domes on maground.com.

“This successful collaboration shows creatives a further method of creating top-class car visualizations, for which they don’t even have to fly around the world.” MAGROUND.

Studio Schinken perfected the look of the visuals in post.

GoSee : maground.com
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NEW at GoSee.NEWS : GYBOW – Image-based Lighting for Real Objects, Los Angeles / Germany; a revolutionary LED rig system paints natural lighting and reflections from 360° HDRI environments onto cars

Gybow – is a revolutionary lightweight LED rig system that paints natural lighting and reflections from 360º HDRI environments onto cars... or onto anything you can imagine. That means : Photographers are now once again back in the game when it comes to playing with light.

Gybow allows working with real cars/objects, real cameras, real additional lighting – while still working under completely controllable conditions. There are no limits to creativity, since the variety of possible environments is endless: from natural landscapes to fully CG environments or even artificial studio settings – they can all be adapted in real time during the shoot. Behind Gybow are founder Arne Weiß and co-founder Hans-Peter Schroeder as well as engineer Manfred Bleichwehl.

Gybow is mobile and can be set up within a few hours – the only thing you need is a completely blacked out location/studio. “We are planning presentations all over Europe and the US – call us if you are interested in attending!” founder Arne Weiß tells GoSee.

We asked him how he came up with the idea.
We had the idea during a job for which several studio shots had to be photographed into real backgrounds. Based on our experience with CGI, we wanted to make what’s possible there through the creative use of 360° domes also work for real cars. So we looked for a way to do it – and found one : )

What is the most exciting and also newest thing about your system?
The magical part about it is how slow the image develops, similar to a Polaroid. What’s new is that it can be used to paint a real car on all sides with location or other lighting, even in the direction of the camera. What makes it so exciting is how photographers are going to play this instrument. It doesn’t have a distinctive look per se, but the possibilities are endless. Whether illuminating realistic location shots or painting with light freehand.

Why should every car photographer try it out?
Perhaps not everyone should try it out. A sunrise on a coastal road is unbeatable in many respects. It is, however, simply a very versatile and creative tool that brings entirely new possibilities to the controllable environment of a studio. And maybe, just because we look forward to seeing all of the ideas photographers come up with when they use it. Which has already proven to be quite thrilling.

Here are a few details about the lightweight and absolutely flexible LED rig system from GYBOW:

• The car is wrapped 360º in a true hemisphere of the location, totally natural lighting with no black holes.

• Photographers can use long lenses and stand as far away from the car as they want.

• Additional lighting can be added wherever it’s needed, without visible stands.

• Optional variable diffusion blends the pixels to create a more natural look – no more reflected grids.

• The light painting technique leads to a smaller pixel pitch.

GoSee : gybow.com
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